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Feb 10, 2008 04:21 PM

Indian restaurants Northeast of Philly

Hey, I'm relatively new to the boards, and I noticed that a lot of the Indian restaurants recommended are west of the city.

I recently went to Food Castle express (I know - it's not a great name) in Bensalem, and it was actually very good. I wasn't expecting that much b/c it almost looks like a fast food place from the outside, but it was fantastic. They have a large variety of food, including Indian-Chinese, south and north Indian.

I also noticed a new Indian restaurant in Yardley called India Garden, but I haven't tried it yet. Has anyone had any good experiences in the eastern suburbs?

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  1. plenty of good places. Search the board for more details. Some favorites: Desi Village, Uduppi Dosa House for chaat night, MV Tandoor for standard punjabi fare, and most places will have a good buffet.

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      did you say chaat night??? ooooooh!

      (i just got back from india so you'd think it would be the last food i want, but i find myself still craving it!!)

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        chaat is like the easiest thing on earth to make... course the chaat buffet comes with a dosa. Subzi Mandi has a chaat cart but I don't think they man it every day... it was definitely open on Sunday when I was there last but I don't think it's open during the week... I'm usually there on weekday afternoons around 4 or 5

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          i know... but sometimes the simplest things are the most heavenly which is how i feel about chaat. i'll have to check this place out, thanks! :)

    2. India Garden in Yardley is a fantastic restaurant. We go there about 3 or 4 times a month. They used to be in Langhorne and when they closed we were very disappointed. They had told us they were looking for a smaller place locally so we waited with anticipation for the new location to open. They even took our names to let us know if and when they found a new place. When we heard they were opening again in Yardley, we we ecstatic. The food never disappoints and the prices are very reasonable. We are regulars there and they treat us that way! Extra special service and attention. They are very friendly and always go the extra mile for us. And of course the food......that's what it's all about!! The chicken tikka masala is outstanding and my girlfriend always gets the salmon tandoori and loves it. My husband goes for the spicier things and he always enjoys the meal. They have chicken naan, one of my favorites, but it's not on the menu. You have to ask for it. The are very accommodating with requests and always aim to please their customers. They recently had a write-up in the Courier Times and since then they said their business is booming. No we regulars have a hard time getting a table on the weekends!!! But it's worth the wait! Try it out. We used to go to the one in Newtown where we live and we used to like it a lot, but their prices kept going up and their food got worse over the years so we stopped going. Try Indian Garden. You won't be disappointed.

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        I tried India Garden a few weeks ago and it was ok. I was looking forward to eating here b/c I had heard good things. I went for the saturday afternoon buffet, and it wasn't bad - not great, but not bad.

        The chicken tikka masala was pretty good, pretty flavorful, not too creamy. But the vegetarian selection was lacking. Maybe 2 or 3 dishes, too oily and creamy (which dulled the flavors as well). They also did not have any plain naan to go along with the buffet - only aloo (potato naan). I asked if they had some plain naan, and the waiter went into the kitchen to get some more, but came out with more aloo naan.

        Overall, the buffet is probably worth the money (I think it was around $7.00), but if you want to have great indian food northeast of Philadelphia, you should go to the buffets at Food Castle in Bensalem or Palace of Asia in Lawrenceville. Both are a little more expensive - around $13.00 per person, but the food is well worth it. Much more of a selection, and much better flavors.

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          bleh on buffets
          food that's been sitting around slowly getting drier and drier. Delicate flavors and mass quantity don't go hand-in-hand.

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            The food is definitely worse in buffets, but you get to try a wide variety of items, and can get a general feel for the restaurant. I usually like to try buffets first. If it's bad, you can assume that dinner isn't that much better.

            And back to the chaat night comment - it's not bad at Uduppi Dosa House, but South Indian cuisine is more their specialty. In my opinion, the best chaat around here can be found in some of the restaurants in Edison, NJ.