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Feb 10, 2008 04:18 PM


Any thoughts on this place in Chelsea? A group of women are considering getting together there for dinner.

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  1. Never been. If you're in Chelsea, I'd suggest Crispo or Le Zie instead.

    1. I second the Crispo recommendation. I have never been to Intermezzo either but my impression is that it is nothing special, and Crispo is really hard to beat.

      1. It's not a bad place but more like a neighborhood place for a weekday dinner. I've been there at least twice several ears ago. Their sister restaurant (Arte Cafe) is in my neighborhood on the UWS. It's not spectacular, and I agree Crispo may be a wiser choice based on what others on this board have said; however, I have not tried Crispo myself.

        1. I lived in Chelsea for a couple of years, a few years ago and had been there a couple of times. Both times I thought it was okay, mainly just because it was close and good for an Italian craving. I happen to have randomly eaten there on Friday night while in the area, and it was a huge disappointment. Well not all of it, so let's take it step by step. Drinks- thumbs up. I got a peach nectar (or something) martini with crushed red pepper flakes, and my friend got a blackberry martini made with puree. Both delish. I got a salad- I forgot what it's like to live in a neighrborhood where you pay through the nose for nothing. It was lettuce, and 1 heart of palm. Bad and way overpriced salad. Eggplant parm- comfort food, perfect. Not something I normally would order. Really good. But then again, how hard is that to mess up? Dessert- Panna Cotta. I have a huge Panna Cotta fan first of all. This was so gross. a really jiggly, awful texture. Disguisting. They had biscotti in a jar near the door. I had to get up and get us some to get the taste out of my mouth. Surprise, surprise- very soggy.