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Nov 21, 2001 01:05 PM

Italian & German in O.C. (Esp. North County)

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Hello. I am new to this board - what a great site! I have done my best to review the previous messages. PLEASE RECOMMEND THE BEST ITALIAN & GERMAN RESTAURANTS IN ORANGE COUNTY (ESP. NORTH COUNTY). I live in Huntington Beach. From the previous posts I have read I plan on trying Trimarco (I have actually tried to go twice and each time they have been closed. Also, they NEVER seem to answer their phone!).

Again, any suggestions on Italian & German restaurants in Orange County (esp. North County)would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great and safe Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. I tried Trimarco last Friday based on the
    rave reports on this board and was pretty
    disappointed. We tried the specials
    Giovanni recommended: calamari appetizer,
    garlic soup, stuffed swordfish, sirloin with
    porcini mushrooms. Each was done adequately
    but I've had better experiences at chains such as
    Houston's in Irvine.

    1. Gustav's Jagerhaus in Anaheim, immediately west of the 57 freeway at Ball Rd., has the best German food in OC, IMHO. Another alternative right across the other side of the freeway on Ball is the Loreley, the main restaurant at the Phoenix Club. Between these two, you're sure to get your fix satisfied in the wurst way.

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        Thanks for taking the time to make a suggestion.

        I saw an add for the restaurant in the O.C. Register the day after I read your note. I am planning on going there next weekend.

        I really want to try sauerbrauten - never had it. What do you recommend I get? I would appreciate your insight.

        Again, thanks for posting!

        1. re: Jeff Rose

          Jeff, the last few times I've been in to Gustav's has been for breakfast, which is outstanding (potato and truly great German-style pancakes are highlights), but I dined very nicely on rabbit there in the past. An interesting feature on the menu is "rock cooking", sort of like Korean BBQ with a Teutonic twist. A hot stone is brought to the table with a plate of meats and accompaniments to be cooked on the stone. Sauerbraten is tasty, too. Ask about their German wine selection; I'm not sure what shape the list is in these days. Failing that, you can chase it down with a good German brewski. Please report back on your experience!

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            I went to Gustav's this weekend with my folks. Here's the rundown on our food: my Dad got the sausage and pork chop sampler (good but not great - attributable to the sausage maker and not the restaurant), I got the sauerbraten with potato salad and potato pancakes (this was very good, the meat was very tasty, the pancakes were good also, the potato salad was good but I was a little disappointed here), my Mom got pork tenderloins in a mushroom & cream gravy and a cucumber salad on the side (this was by far the best dish, the pork was cooked perfectly and the sauce was awesome, the cucumber salad was quite tasty and went well with my sauerbraten).

            I got a Weltenburg Kloster Bier (dark) on tap to drink and it was excellent. My Dad got a Weltenburg (light) on tap and it was equally tasty.

            Overall, we enjoyed the restaurant and will definitely return. I will get the pork dish my Mom got or will try a paprika schnitzel I saw on the menu. Thank you for the suggestion - we had a very enjoyable meal!

            JEFF ROSE

            1. re: Jeff Rose

              Hooo-aww! Thanks, Jeff, and I'm glad it worked out well for you at the Jagerhaus. I need to get back there and see what's new on the evening menu, but I'm encouraged to hear the old stand-bys faring well.

            2. re: Kriss
              torta basilica

              I've lived in (Southern) Germany for many years over the years & had never encountered 'rock cooking.' Raclette roasting in Switzerland, but never this - was I missing something or is this something they've dreamt up to spice things up?

        2. I’m afraid I too have had less than stellar food at Trimarco, but it’s still pretty tasty and I feel obligated to keep going there as I live down the street and really want to have a good neighborhood Italian restaurant. I still get pizza from there, which isn’t the best I’ve ever had, but is definitely the best in the area. Another place I have recommended before is Paolo’s at OldeWorld (off Center and Gothard, behind the mall). Delicious bass and tasty pollo florentino (?) which was just a basic sauteed chicken breast with melted cheese and spinach or was it prosciutto, I don’t remember, but it had rich veal stock kind of sauce and was very good. Only bad thing I can say is that they started using frozen spinach as the side vegetable, instead of fresh, which they served when they first opened.
          If you discover any local favorites, let me know, as I am always on the prowl for good food in HB.

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            I finally tried Trimarcos for lunch. I thought it was pretty good - good enough that I will return and try it
            for dinner. I'll post what I think after the meal. I haven't been to Paolos' since it changed ownership. I
            went in there a few times when it was Stefanos and I liked the food. I will try again now that its Paolo's and
            let you know what I think.

            It sounds like we are neighbors. I live at Edinger & Bolsa Chica and I work at the Boeing plant at Bolsa &
            Bolsa Chica.

            Thanks for taking the time to post. I will let you know what I think of dinner at Trimarcos and Paolo's.

            Have a great day!