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Feb 10, 2008 04:16 PM

Long weekend day-trip eating (Cgy)

Hi Chowhounders,
My fiance and I were considering spending the long weekend in Lake Louise or Banff but by the time we got around to booking hotels, everything was full or ridiculously expensive. So I've proposed a weekend of day-trip eating.

This means going to hidden gems (ie, small independent places with amazing food) within a 60-km drive of downtown Calgary.

I've thrown Turner Valley's Route 40 Soup Company on the list already.

I was pondering Crazyweed in Canmore until my girlfriend had a horrendous experience there with service last weekend (ignored their reservation, gave them a table near bathroom, did not offer to take their coats - from a pregnant lady no less, no service for 25 minutes, server poured wine in her water glass, then brought new glass without replacing spent wine etc.


Anyway, didn't mean to turn this into a Crazyweed thread.

So... I'm looking to all of you for other suggestions for our little long weekend activity. Thanks!

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  1. if you are going to canmore, definitely stop by the Gourmet Croissant, already mentioned on this board, and Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. They are known for their pizza, but their soups are delicious, and the kids' hand made macaroni was so good that my husband and I were fighting over the daughter's leftovers. I think that someone mentioned a good place in Bragg Creek, the Bavarian Inn?

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      Yes, the Bavarian Inn is very good. I've also heard that the steak place across the road from it is good, but have never been (although I'm always inclined to take Albertans seriously when they recommend steak) and it's probably not too unusual. Just back from a day in Banff, brunch at the Bison Mountain Bistro was fabulous, but outside the 60km range I suppose!

    2. four places I always try to hit in Canmore:

      1. Communitea for the only place in southern Alberta that pulls Intelligentsia espresso;
      2. Gourmet Croissant for the best pastries around;
      3. Bella Crusta for the most delectable chicken salad sandwiches on their own focaccia;
      4. Quarry for steak frites and frites and frites.

      I have to also give a shout out to Les and Otilia at Java Jamboree in Cochrane for when your travels take you on 1A, but seeing as JJ will soon (work is progressing on site with tons of "coming soon" signs!) have their Calgary presence at Kawa Espresso Bar, and since Cochrane is a suburb of Calgary anyway, I'll let the four above be my contribution for now.

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      1. re: John Manzo

        PS: It doesn't have to be limited to Canmore. Eating in other directions are welcome too!

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          To the Canmore collection I would like to add Mountain Mercato at the bottom end of Main Street. This place has truly excellent paninis with an ever rotating choice of good quality meats, cheeses & other inspired additions. Great soups too, made I think by one of the local stellar restaurants where you would probably pay a lot more. Lots of interesting provisions as well - a true godsend for us Canmore based foodies.

        2. It's been a few years but I remember going to Drumheller with the kids and ending up at Bernie & the Boys's a local burger joint that also happens to serve an ostrich egg omlette. I wouldn't put it in the same class as Route 40 Soup Co. et al but it was certainly an experience. :)