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Feb 10, 2008 03:50 PM

Bread making and cake mixers

I'm new to bread making and hubby said.......oh I won't buy bread today cos youre making a looks like I'm stuck, not that I mind, rustic bread is absolutely delicious. Today I'm using a recipe from The Bread Bakers Apprentice and noticed instructions for using a mixer and hook attachment. I like kneading but 10 minutes seems to drag by. I was wondering if it was worth my while buying a mixer specifically for making bread. I don't do cakes or biscuits etc Has anyone else invested in one ??

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  1. Have you considered a bread maker? My dad has one and makes at least one loaf every week. You put the ingredients in and push a button (or two) and it mixes the dough, allows it to rise, bakes the bread and lets you know when it's done.

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      Hi Mina. I already have a very old breadmaker and we have hot bread from it every sunday morning. Ive got the book Rustic European Bread From Your Bread maker and tried one recipe but I'm not sure thats the way I want to go, it sort of feels like cheating :-)
      Theyre great machines though and I just throw in a ready made store bought mixture. Thank you for replying, its appreciated

    2. I have a Kitchen-Aid mixer but I prefer to bread knead by hand, as I like the effort and I feel that I have better control of the process.

      You can knead bread in your food processor, and Peter Reinhart gives hints in the back of that book. .

      1. I just got a stand mixer for making dough, but, like Kelli, prefer to do it by hand. It's great for those lazy days but I don't feel like *I* am making bread when I use it and I don't get a good feel for the dough like I do when I knead. I am glad I have the stand mixer for all the other things I bake but for bread, it's a standby. Plus, I also have a very old bread maker that I use to mix dough, again on those lazy days, and using the stand mixer is just barely a step up from that. Also, you can make the dough in a food processor, instead of a stand mixer. Again, you don't get a good feel for the dough, so I end up kneading anyway.

        As for 10 minutes dragging, I stand on a BOSU (half a stability ball) because I'm too short to get good leverage on the counter and I stand on one leg so Iget in core work while I'm kneading. Multitasking...

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          Ha, that's awesome! Working out and baking at the same time!

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            Kind of freaks out my husband when I'm doing it while using sharp kitchen knives, though.;-)

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              That is so funny.......who am I to complain about 10 minutes of kneading in the face of that balancing fete :-)
              Ive followed everyone's what's in Peter's book (serves me right for jumping straight into the recipes) and am so glad I bought it, he writes so clearly.
              I rushed out to find my bag of kenwood attachments, very unused I might add.....and I now think that might work.I'd thought it was a bit light and plasticky. I think when I do use the mixer I'll knead by hand anyway, a last loving touch you could say.All I need now is my baking stone...on its way from Chicago !!!