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Feb 10, 2008 03:46 PM

Dim Sum in MetroWest?

Any suggestions for weekend Dim Sum in MetroWest?

Does it even exist?


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  1. Yes 13 of us went to Green Tea 2 in Framingham today, see my other post on it. Also google dimsumtimes to see photos of items we got today.

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      hargau- thank you for the Green Tea 2 suggestion! I've been having a craving for dim sum lately- my family used to go into Chinatown almost every Sunday when we were kids. Now that I live in Natick- Green Tea 2 is so convenient to get to. We got there right at 11:30- I actually printed out your pictures from your blog and was able to point out the dishes that we wanted. The food wasn't brought out in carts like I remember, each item was made fresh in the kitchen and brought to our table when it was ready. We ordered 11 dishes for 3 people, stuffed ourselves, and have plenty for a late night snack. Next time my parents visit from Taipei, I will have to bring them there. Thank you!

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        hargau, one of our favourite posters, has posted several times about Green Tea 2 in Framingham.
        Anyone up for another group trip this Sunday March 2nd in the late morning/noon?
        Not sure if we're posting this correctly, but thought we'd give it a shot....

        Best to all!

      2. Check the board. Green Tea is the current darling. Last year was Oriental Pearl in Framingham. Uncle Cheungs has been a solid Shanghai example.

        1. Jumbo Seafood in Newton Center has dim sum on weekends.

          1. Chung Shin Yuan on California Street in Newton serves dim sum on weekends and has a loyal following.

            1. Thanks for the suggestions. I've also heard about China Pearl in Woburn - anyone??

              Also, any places that do not use MSG?

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                China Pearl in Woburn is the real deal - just like the China Pearl downtown. They have all the classics and you can order "off the board" if you know what you want. It is a very kid-friendly brunch option, we go pretty much every other Sunday morning with friends and all of our kids. And, it's not a scary super packed place like the downtown affair.