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Feb 10, 2008 03:30 PM

German Food Restaurants????

Any reccomendations for decent German food either in Eastern Mont County, Bucks, Philadelphia????

WIll NOT go to OTTOS for personal reasons and the BLue Ox is now Babes and not German food anymore~~~~~ MY friend was told that Ludwigs is not what it used to be and is expensive so that leaves?????

THanks for your help~

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  1. As far as I have heard, that leaves nothing in the area at all. I heard there is a place (BYOB) out by McGuire AFB in Browns Mills, but it is in the middle of nowhere. The topic of German food was discussed on the Mid-Atlantic board that includes NJ, and I think the only places suggested were in N. Jersey. Maybe you could post over there again as this discussion was several months ago. Only thing I know about is a good German butcher and German food store in the Northeast. I'll be watching this post as well to see if anything comes up.
    BTW: is someone suggests the Dutchman off of LBI, forget it. It's terrible unless you are desperate.

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      Thanks~~~~That is what I thought~~~~~ That Geman Butcher is great~~(MY 10 year old granson loves their steaks)(Smile)~~~~~~ Austrian VIllage is vey mediocre at best(Not far from the BUtcher ) but CHEAP~~~~~~~ Want something BETTER then that ~~~~

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        there is a german club up in the NE...the Cannstatter Volksfest-Verein. I have not been there in many years..though recall good fare. may need to research the website re admission/members policy for dining...

    2. Austrian Village down the street from Blue Ox is an option. I have vague recollections of another place up Philmont Avenue in Trevose/Feasterville that used to have German Specialties, (anyone remember the name of it?). Is it still there?

      In the Northeast, Riekers Meats on Oxford Ave is caddy corner to the former Blue Ox.

      You might also like Bell's Market in the Northeast. Though more Russian/Eastern European there is a strong overlap with german foods.

      Haegel's Bakery in the Northeast is not to be missed either. Great buttercake, and if I remember correctly they make a butter pretzel that is to die for;its sweet, not doughy.

      Cansttatter Club 9103 Academy road serves dinners on Thursdays and Sundays, and has a catering department. They also host a very popular Oktoberfest over Labor Day weekend.

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      1. re: cwdonald

        A German place in Trevose? I lived there from 1976 through 1991 and can't think of one. There was Schoelhammer's Hatboro Manor in Hatboro, the Oxford Inn, Austrian Village, the Schwartzwald Inn and the Philadelphia Rifle Club (full of ex-pats of dubious history). When I was a kid, we also went to Hespe's in Philadelphia until the FBI shut it down. But Trevose? You don't mean the Kopper Kettle?

        1. re: Chefpaulo

          I think the place might have been Erwin's Country Kitchen on Brownsville Road in Trevose. German/american menu, I recall decent schnitzel, and some good black forest cake, and other tortes. But it has been years since I have been there so I do not know if they still are there.

        2. re: cwdonald

          Canstatter V.V. used to have a choice of two entrees on Thursdays (open to the public) but not always German. Same with United German Hungarian Club on Bristol Road in Oakford/Trevose area on Wednesday nights. I would rate both as ok, nothing special but the prices are terrific. Erwin's usually had a couple of German entrees on the menu. Haven't been there recently.

        3. "MY friend was told that Ludwigs is not what it used to be..."

          Ludwigs just recently closed it's doors.

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          1. re: ClockworkOrange

            Thanks for your help all~~~~~ You DID give me some options I was not aware of~ If my friend and I go to any of them I WILL report back~

            1. re: jazziellen

              I'd recommend Josie's German Food, Deli, & Gifts near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - authentic German Food made from authentic imported German Groceries - If you're in the Harrisburg area, you can visit her location and they serve a limited lunch and breakfast menu that is always excellent and changing daily. Those who are outside the area can benefit from her extensive website and order German Food products online at - I am a frequent customer, you will not be disappointed - this is an extremely clean restaurant, family owned for 22 years, and they treat you like family.

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