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Feb 10, 2008 03:17 PM

Casola's Pizza

I have never been there, but I saw an article in the herald and thought I would try it. Is it only a take out place or does it have seated service?

Anything on the menu that you recomend?

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  1. Decent pizza and I like their subs warmed in the pizza oven. Always gotten take-out, don't know if it's eat-in or not.

    1. They do have a large dine-in area where you can take the food from the counter and sit there and eat. No service though.

      It's a rather busy place, they have cheese pizza to sample. It's pretty good fresh out of the oven. Unfortunately they don't use the best ingredients: the pepperino was awful and the mushroom come from a can. For me, I'd rather pay more and go to a better place, but when I worked in the neighborhood the guys in my office loved the place.

      1. Its Boston style thin crust pizza and even comes with the free puddle of grease in the middle! Its actually really good pizza and great that its open late. Ive never had anything but slices there, so I dont know about the other items. You can eat in or take out. Be wary that a "slice" consists of 2 mammoth slices side-by-side!

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            Yes, thinner crust on the body of the pizza, little sauce, little cheese, kinda big floppy slices. Ive only seen pie like that back in MA.

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              aka crappy pizza

              Casolas is typical South Florida pizza. At best, it can be described as decent. I usually only order at 3am since it is one of the few places that deliver to Brickell late at night on the weekends. It serves its purpose at that time but I wouldn't be too inclined during normal hours to eat there.

              They have pasta entrees for about $6-$8 that are again decent but a good value in terms of the portion size plus garlic rolls. My friend also loves their cheesesteaks.

              I am a much bigger fan of for pasta dishes. A little more expensive and a smaller portion but their vodka sauce is on point and their garlic foccacia bread is delicious. Haven't had their pizza yet though.

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                I've had Piccola Italia's pizza. The owners are from Chile, so it's neat to be able to buy Chilean wine in the pizzeria. I haven't done that yet.

                As for the pizza, I found them to be less greasy and tastier than Casola's pizza which is only a few blocks south of Piccola. And on top of that, for the same size pizza (Casola's exaggerates like Starbucks - "no small, only a tall" type of concept), you can get the whole pie for something like $5 less, especially if you pick up the pizza Monday to Thursday. They do delivery too, but prices are higher for that, naturally.

                But while Casola's may not be the best pizza around, I do think it fills the niche for late night eating in Miami. Plus, sometimes people like greasy pizza! And I can say I've had my fair share.

        1. As you can see, Casola's is a somewhat divisive topic. You'll either like it or you won't. I personally find it pretty good, my wife finds it too salty. My dad loves to eat the samples while he waits for the pie. I'd recommend at least trying it, especially if you're in the area

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