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Feb 10, 2008 02:42 PM

grilled meats Brazil style? [Moved from What's My Craving board]

I have been craving all you can eat grilled meats. I've been to the one in the ironbound district in Newark, but it is so far from Manhattan if you don't have a car. I tried the one in times square and all I have to say is ick. Overpriced from drinks to menu and not seasoned properly. Where can I go in Manhattan?

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  1. how is that one in newark? heard it was the best.

    also heard of a place in east village that was decent, but the name totally escapes me. price is I think, $29.95 for dinner, or around there.

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      The name of the place is Carne Vale:

      $35 for the buffet/rodizio; probably not as good as the ironbound one though.

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        The one in newark is the best. It reminded me of brazil. Excellent food, even if you don't eat from the buffet. The coconut tomato shrimp stew is mouth-watering.

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          There are many in Newark. Path and NJ Transit take you within 5 minute's walking distance.

        2. It is not all you can eat... but Zebu on 92 and 2nd has great Brazilian meats. The Sirloin special is to die for. Also, it is very reasonably priced.

          1. if your ever in queens go to greenfields on northern blvd @108th street

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              I disagree on Greenfields. I went once, and never again. Everything tastes the same, and the grease level is overwhelming. All the interesting stuff is gone by the time the sword carriers get a quarter of the way down the room, and if you tip the maitre d' to get close to the kitchen door, you get roasted by the wall of fire.

              Save up and go to Churrascaria Plataforma in Manhattan, or set up an expedition to Newark with a friend who has a car -- or rent a Zipcar.

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                I wholeheartedly agree about Plataforma was one of my top 3 meals to date.........sat in the back near the wall of meat, but far enough to not feel the heat. I think i consumed my body weight in beef......i'm going back soon!!!

            2. There is a new place in 14th Street, I haven't been there yet. I believed it's called Skewer's. My favorite "churrasco" place is Churrascaria Platavorma.

              1. Brazilian churrasco is delicious, but extremely pricey in the US. As an alternative for my husband's constant cravings, we found a Brazilian pay-per-weight buffet (very very popular in Brazil), which also serves bbq. This time you do all the work, though (they don't come to your table). The place is humble, but very authentic and delicious. You'll find a huge variety of cuts at an amazing price. Brasilia Ville Grill 43-12 34th Ave. in Astoria.

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                  ok, i don't feel as bad anymore about the reveal, now that you've done it. beef ribs - amazing.