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Feb 10, 2008 02:16 PM

Saffron Chowdown

Our meal at Saffron unfortunately didn't meet our high expectations, however, in retrospect, we shouldn't have rushed to dinner here, as they have had their doors open for barely a week. Restaurants need at least a month to get service running smoothly and fine tune recipes.

Papadums were crunchy and flavorful. Dal, which we ordered as an appetizer was unusual in that there were very few lentils and the addition of red kidney beans. It was very saucy. The taste was ok but they need to lose the beans and add more lentils. Naan bread was excellent.

Tandoori chicken was a bit overcooked and dry and lacked much flavor. Lamb vindaloo was oversalted, which is an easy correction to make. Otherwise the flavor was good. They warned us it's the hottest dish on the menu, and they were right. Palak paneer and Bengan Bearta (roasted eggplant), were both excellent.

All in all the meal was uneven but I would give Saffron another chance, after they have some legs on them. There were many other items to sample which may have been quite tasty. I could definitely see the potential here, unlike a horrid Indian place on Bonita Beach Rd. that will go unamed. Hopefully, someone from the restaurant sees this and can learn from it.

It was certainly nice to meet fellow posters for the first time and l look forward to future Chowdowns. Other regulars on the board, and you know who you are, should consider attending the next event. The food may not be great, but the company will be!

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  1. We certainly agree with your assessment of the Bonita Beach Road place. We're really looking forward to trying Saffron but will take your experience into consideration and give them a little time before we go.

    1. it's been eons since i've browsed/posted. as usual, my palate is not as sophisticated as yours! i ate at saffron about 2 weeks ago with a bengali friend who was in serious need of comfort food. he and i both thought it was pretty good (he had a spinach soup that we especially liked) but agreed that we liked the place in bonita a little better on the sole basis that the dishes are a little "goopier" = more sauce to scoup up with rice or naan. but the owners in bonita are bengali like my friend so maybe that's why he likes it more (more like home cooking), but i don't know what my excuse is. but the service at saffron was good - we ended up getting a lot of questions answered by the wife of the chef who was very nice. though we found it sort of atypical that they weren't indian of any variety;o) my office is right around the corner and i told them that i was disappointed that they're only open for dinner, hopefully that will change as their business grows.

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        The owners aren't Indian??? I was told that one of the owners is from Nepal! Not true?