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Feb 10, 2008 12:50 PM

Favorite Cookbook

I buy a lot of cookbooks but find myself returning to the same few over and over. They include all of the Barefoot Contessa books, Julia Child's "The Way to Cook" and "Noteworthy." I'm always looking for additions--and I like all foods from ethnic to comfort foods to elegant. Can your recommend any great cookbooks.

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    1. re: Harters

      I keep going back to the Silver Palate books. While they are a bit more involved than everyday receipes, the results have never let me down,

      1. re: Harters

        Agreed. It really is a classic. I bought his Kitchen Diaries as well, but return most often to Appetite. His roast chicken recipe (and varients) rock.

        1. re: Harters

          Thanks--I just checked out his website--a whole new group of books I had no idea about and i thought I knew a lot about cooking and books--how dumb am I. Carole

          1. re: carole1

            His fast food books rock. He reminds me a LOT of Mark Bittman, but I think his stuff puts a greater emphasis on feel.

            1. re: Westy

              Slater writes a weekly article for my Sunday newspaper, The Observer. From time to time, they publish them as a book. If you can find "Real Good Food", I think you'd enjoy. After he did the "Fast" books, he did "Real Food" and "Real Cooking", "Real Good Food" comes after that.

              The man is my Rock God of things foodie!

          1. My latest favorite is "The Cook's Book: Techniques and tips from the world's master chefs:, editor-in-chief Jill Norman, published by DK Publishing, 2005. I love this book, covers a wide range of topics, each chapter written by a different chef. Do a search for The Cook's Book on Amazon and scroll down to read the reviews for comprehensive ratings on this book. Topics range from sauces & dressings, stocks & soups, pastry & sweet doughs, Mexican cooking, cakes, vegetables, Asian noodles and dumplings...and many more...each chapter is exciting, and great how-to photography makes everything seem within the reach of the home cook.

            I vowed about five years to buy no more cookbooks because I have way too many, and the library is my main source now for them, but after borrowing The Cook's Book several times I just had to add it to my home library.

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            1. re: janniecooks

              Thanks--I will check it out--it's one I don't have and sounds like a good one. Carole

            2. My newest favourite is Rebar modern food cookbook. Rebar is a vegetarian restaurant in Victoria. I love the way they flavour their food. Lots of interesting ethnic recipes . For example, they flavour a lot of their dishes with chipotle puree which can become addicting!
              Lots of great sauces.....I could go on and on. I keep this book by my reading chair!