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Feb 10, 2008 12:37 PM

Italian Beefs in DFW Area

Please suggest any place for a chicago style italian beef in the area. I have tried quite a few but none lives up to the ones up north. Thanks

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  1. I love learning new things - what do you mean by "Chicago-Style Italian Beef"?

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      It is heaven in a Gonnella roll. Here are some pictures:

      Dipped or not, sweet or hot (peppers) or both. Delicious and highly addictive.

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        Fantastic pictures on what Chicago offers. That's ALL the stuff I could eat on a weekly basis and never get tired of it.

    2. Hard to compete with Chicago Italian Beef...mmm Mr Beef.. If you do find a good place, please let me know.

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        Two places that I know of... Chicago's Finest Pizza in Plano at Spring Creek and Independence, they even use Gonnella Bread!!! Also, Rosati's in Mckinney. They both are as close as you will get to Chicago Italian Beefs. Chicago's Finest even orders Giardinara from a Chicago distributor.

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          Haven't tried theirs, can't get past getting pizza when I make the trek. Thanks, the best I have found is a place in Flower Mound called Wo-Max Chicago style pizza.

      2. There is an Italian Beef at Jimmy's on Bryan @ Fitzhugh. I am pretty sure it is very similar to the ones in Chicago. Like a french dip with provolone with sport peppers on top all on a gonella roll

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            Jimmy's also sells the natural casing Vienna Beef Hot Dogs, the poppy seed buns, and the neon green relish.

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            I'm not sure if it's like the chicago ones, but this is a very tasty sandwich, although I've had mixed success with their bread.

          3. Lot's of places to get it but so far everyone buys the Vienna Itallian beef and sells it.. Wild About Harry's is a fun place in Dallas, Sweet Home Chicago south of Fort Worth, Womax in Flowermound, Weinberger's Delicatessen in Grapevine to name a few. I suggest you order online from Chicago or find a good recipe to make your own.

            Both of these look good as I used to make it myself. Couple of tips.
            1. Some places like Novi's or Johnny's chilled the sauce then removed the fat but places like Carm's did not
            2. Some add alot of oregeno like Bono beef but many add just a little or skip this seasoning.

            1. Weinberger Delicatessen
              601 S. Main Street Ste 100
              Grapevine, TX

              When you walk in, the aromas are wonderfully overwhelming. A friend (from Chicago) swears this is the closest thing to authentic Chicago that she has found since moving here.

              I have had a few of their deli sandwiches, which I think are light on the amount of meat, but tasty none the less. The Chicago favorite of Italian beef, dipped in au jus, served on Gonella bread and topped with the acclaimed Giardinerra pepper relish was a very generous portion of lean beef, shaved paper thin. However, save for the relish, there was very little flavor. Salt please! The bread itself was the size of a small loaf of Mrs. Bairds. Too much for me, plus it was too wet with the jus, but the end product looks like what’s in the picture on the link from Jayzee above and that is how it's made in Chicago - or so claims the proprietor and so says my friend.

              Varied deli sandwich selection with meats including hot dogs (I believe them to be the Vienna brand), Polish sausage, Italian sausage and beef, salami, liverwurst, pastrami, brats and other less adventuresome meats. Salads - green and whites, including German potato and something called cuke and onion are on the menu as are matzo ball soup and Chile.

              For those from Chicago, the sandwiches are made "hot, sweet, wet, dry, cheesy and red". The owner also claims he can tell what part of Chicago you're from by how you order your sandwich.

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                I grew up in suburban Chicago....thus grew up on Italian beef sandwiches. There is a fine line in dipping the bread so it doesn't fall apart but still has a lot of juice. Growing up there was just a choice of either sweet or hot peppers. The sweet peppers were green bell peppers cooked in garlic & olive oil. Never attempted making the hot giardiniera but I remember the owner of the little place on the corner (Alberto's) using gloves like you'd use for mixing chemicals when he made it :)

                I have a one gallon jar of giardiniera in my refrigerator....I'm addicted to the stuff, even make tuna fish salad with it!