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Feb 10, 2008 12:06 PM

Any recommendations in the Plant City Area?

Visiting family. Mostly seems like chains. Would love any sort of great food for dinner.

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  1. Tampa is at most 20 miles away and offers loads of options. Could you escape for an evening?

    1. None of these are fine dining but I like Chancy's Catfish Shack, First Choice BBQ, Fred's Market and the amazing strawberry shortcake at Parkesdale Farm Market.

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      1. re: EOutlaw

        A couple I forgot are Maryland Fried Chicken and Linda's Crab Shack for great deviled crabs.

      2. How about Red Rose Dining room? I keep seeing the Bay News 9 commercials and I'm curious. Is it cheesy and dated?

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        1. re: rikkikm

          It's cheesy and dated yet fun. We went there for sunday brunch using a coupon that was in our Brighthouse bill for buy one get one free. It was around Christmas and they had live music and a real Santa. You can tell that it's the "fancy" place in the area.