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Feb 10, 2008 11:34 AM

special occasion outside ann arbor

My son is graduating from the University of Michigan in April. All the restaurants in Ann Arbor are booked for that day. Any recommendations in towns outside of AA for this special occasion? We'd rather not have to drive into Detroit but a suburb might be OK.

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  1. Try Common Grill in Chelsea (15-20 minutes away) or Mac's Acadian Seafood in Saline (15 minutes away).

    Probably most of the obvious restaurants are booked, but there are some other options in Ann Arbor that might not be. Try Amadeus for Eastern European food and charm; Cafe Habana for upscale Cuban food; or Paesanos for upscale Italian.

    I'm curious at which Ann Arbor restaurants you've tried to make reservations...the usual suspects would be Gandy Dancer, Gratzi, Bella Ciao, West End Grill, Real Seafood, Eve, Chop House, the Earle and the Earle Uptown, but there may be others like Logan or Zanzibar that might be under your radar.

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    1. re: charlesbois

      Might get into North Point in Dexter, too . . . steaks, fish, oysters.

      Fifteen minutes to Central Campus. Good luck!

      1. re: Jim M

        Dexter's also looks perfect! Thanks very much. I'm so glad I posted here. These are all good choices for us.

      2. re: charlesbois

        thank you! I actually haven't called any of the restaurants in Ann Arbor. I was assuming they are all booked since the hotels are booked a year in advance for this event. I will try the Gandy Dancer today although the Chelsea Grill and Mac's both look perfect for us. Thanks again!

        1. re: red rose

          I'll just point out that there is both a Common Grill and a Chelsea Grill in Chelsea. The Common Grill is by far the better place--and the one that people are willing to drive for. It's a good choice for a group, but it is very noisy. While I've occasionally disappointed by the Common Grill, the Chelsea Grill is mediocre at best.

          Keep in mind in your planning that it may take you longer to get out of campus that day than it will to get from Ann Arbor to Chelsea or Dexter, etc

      3. You could also try restaurants in Novi, about 20 minutes away too - Steve and Rocky's or NoVi if you like a steakhouse.

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        1. re: linden

          Oh dear heaven above, if you're going to recommend someplace in Novi, *please* don't recommend Steve & Rocky's...they're very inconsistent, and usually on the bad side of inconsistent.

          Instead, go to Diamond Jim Brady's Bistro, which is literally walking distance from S&R's...and about 5 times better, too. Never had a bad meal at DJB.

          1. re: boagman

            I absolutely agree with boagman plus Tom and Mary are the most gracious hosts you could ask for. Also, Karen really knows her wine.

        2. My family had dinner once at The Lord Fox in Dixboro, a little enclave just steps outside AA. I remember the food was delicious although the service was a little slow. Anyone been there recently? It's in an old house and is very charming.

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          1. re: rweater

            The Lord Fox has what I would call a mixed reputation. A few swear by it, more swear at it. Seriously though, I've heard some very scary tales about the state of their kitchen, some from electricians doing repair work there.

            I had the beef wellington there and it was just a shade under mediocre, with questionable fois gras. The service was dismal. Unless there has been a change in management, I wouldn't trust it for an important occasion like graduation dinner.

            1. re: charlesbois

              Fair enough. When I went there it was a very long time ago, so while I enjoyed what I was served I'm not privy to it's current reputation.

          2. Five Lakes Grill in Milford is quite nice & downtown Milford is an attractive area to stroll.
            I ate there this past Fall & the food was delicious, nice wine selection, wonderful service & a welcoming atmosphere. It was a truly enjoyable evening - perfect for a celebration!
            And if your party has interest in charcuterie, you are in for a treat.

            1. FIVE at 5 mile & Sheldon in Plymouth is very classy and good food. Its at St. Johns Golf course. Easy location to get to from AA. Enjoy!