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Feb 10, 2008 11:19 AM

Los Angeles Hound needs help

I'm a long time fan and poster in the LA board. I will be in NYC for a few days next week and would really appriciate your help. I wish I could narrow down my search but, since this is the first time to NYC I want it all, the whole experience, so I'll take sugestions from the best hotdog to the best tasting menu. Thankfully price should not be an issue. As far as geography, we'll be staying at the Rockefeller center, but more than willing to take a trip for a worthy dining experience.

The only reservation I have set up is at per se, so I need a lot of help. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks so much!!

PS: I'll be in town for valentines, so any special romantic pics are appreciated as well.

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  1. I'll try to find some threads that might help you, but one idea for Valentine's Day (given that another poster has recently had difficulty getting last minute reservations anywhere), might be to do a "picnic" in your hotel with things from a tour of some great Manhattan food/gourmet stores and a bottle of champagne. If that sounds at all interesting, I'll be happy to post some shopping suggestions. If not, you might want to try, though I gather there is not much there. How many days do you have in Manhattan?

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      I would definitely appreciate and welcome the shopping suggestions. I will be in town for 6 days. Thnx.

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        Chelsea Market ( is fun and they have a wine shop if you want to buy champagne. We were just there shopping on Friday.

    2. Manhattan Chowhound poster RGR has so many great suggestions, especially for do-it-yourself NYC "food tours" that my recommendation is to look through his posts for great ideas in all price ranges, neighborhoods, and cuisine.

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        Are you thinking of RGR's LES tour - or have I missed something of RCC's (who I agree has great reviews etc.)?

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            As long as we're invoking RGR, I'm sure SHE would suggest you visit Eleven Madison Park.

      2. My favorite restaurant at this moment is Dovetail. I would also highly recommend, for tasting menus, Jean-Georges and Picholine. For upscale Italian, L'Impero is great, and if you are interested in a casual Italian with exceptional food, Crispo is the perfect choice.

        1. If you want to venture to the LES for more than RGR's highly recommended food tour try Falai or Allen & Delancey. Have only been to Allen & Delancey for drinks, hope to go for dinner soon. Both take reservations via