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Feb 10, 2008 11:09 AM

Best International markets, FFD & Westchester

I went to few on Conner Street, the Bronx, One is very brand new and you can find things that I have never seen in my life but very interesting. Also a new fabulous market I found is actually called International Market ,Very Clean, On Main Street near Walgreens. I bought great things like baby bok choy, scallions, fruit, yams, short ribs (very good quality and inexpensive), and chicken. They have a fish market and the prices are very good. I have bought a snapper and another fish I had not heard of and was very good. Alot of Caribbean and Asian specilaties and another one is opening across the street and it will be more Spanish. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Main Street/Walgreens in what town?
    There's a Japanese market off exit 5 in Greenwich- go left off the exit (95 S).

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      It is in Bridgeport and about 5000 square feet, check it out. It is rioght around the corner from the Bridgeport jail, but I have never been inside the jail!
      It is named" International Market". Hope you get to go!

    2. Missed this one.

      Stamford Talk, jfood think nbermas is referrring to the market in Norwalk on Main Street almost across from A&Z/Liz Su strip mall and about 1/2-3/4 mile north of Valencia (just saw your review). It is a great little Asian market, owners are very friendly (language barrier is a little bit of an issue) but they have wonderful products.

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        jfood, what's your local paper so I can see the review you mentioned recently on another thread that I now can't find?

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          The one about Dunn's Loft a few weeks before closing?

      2. What about the Chinese/Asian market in White Plains in the same building as the Motor Vehicles Department? It blew me away with the depth of offerings -- everything from produce, to meats, to canned goods to housewares. My only fear, however, is that all these fascinating canned goods from China a loaded with lead or other nasties that you read about! But the fresh stuff and the canned goods from other Asian countries are extensive.