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Feb 10, 2008 11:07 AM

Why is Peking Pavilion always so FULL?!?!?!

Anyone who has traveled on 33 between P'ton and Freehold at night can usually see the (new) Peking Pavilion chock full of cars. I'm talking packed to the brim. I've searched on Chowhound, but couldn't understand why its packed ALL THE TIME! Honestly, I've been there three times (none on my own), and I can tell you that its not anything to jump up and down about. It's okay, and way too overpriced!!! I mean, it's not like there's no other Chinese in the area, just go to Freehold! And if you're in the other direction, go to Hunan House on 130 in East Windsor.

I'm just curious, partly because I just fail to see the appeal of such a place. Maybe there's something I don't know. Yes, it looks nice. No, the food isn't outstanding. Yes, the parking lot is packed to the brim. What's the deal?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Construction -- I'm interested as to where you have found other Chinese in Freehold or elsewhere within 15 minutes worth visiting. I've been in the Township for quite a few years now and have yet to find a place worth returning to.

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          Peking Pavillion has excellent peking duck, That is the attraction that make me a repeat customer. It is as good as anywhere I have had it. There are other good dishes too but I wouldn't pay their prices or put up with the wait (no reservations for parties less than 6) if not for the Peking duck.

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            I guess you're right, hotfood. Most of the clientèle don't look like chowhounders.

            jsfein, I know we're not in the prime zone for good Chinese food. But when I can't go a little farther north to places like Sen's and stuff, I usually hit up Hunan House across from Americana in East Windsor on 130. The food is very good, not greasy or overly salty. Nicely prepared, you can actually taste the flavors of the ingredients (good, like big jumbo shrimp) as opposed to just the sauce. Even if you're dining in, which I've done once, they've got great service and the dining room is pretty. Doesn't have the huge plasmas like Peking, but it is very nice. Prices are a little more than the average, but you get more than you pay for, and it's nowhere as overpriced as Peking Pavilion. I've come to know the owners well, and they're really nice as well.

            So that's where I go for Chinese food. Is there something I'm missing in Peking Pavilion that others know about? I can tell you I've had some of the more expensive dishes on the menu, and they did not deliver what they should've. And if you're looking in the other direction of 33, I know there are some good Chinese places around Freehold and a little north.

          2. Does anyone know if they have the dim sum buffet? There used to be a branch in Red Bank and they had a dim sum buffet.

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              Peking Pavillion is a nice place to eat. PF Changs is also very nice. Their menus are very different. PP (sorry had to do it) has more 'traditional' Am-Chinese cuisine, whereas PF has more 'fusion' items. PF wins in my book, though if I were in the mood for 'chinese' I'd eat at either.

            2. I live in the area, and I always seem to see the place dead?? I think since PF Changs opened, Peking has lost a lot of business. I have not been there since they remodeled, nor do I have a desire to go in. I just really don't care for Chinese/American food and all that SALT!! yuck!! gross.......

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                Crown Palace on RT 79 in Marlboro has a DIM SUM Buffett every Sat & Sun 11-2pm we enjoyed it very much.