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Feb 10, 2008 10:48 AM

Steak & Lobster in Edmonton

A co-worker asked where I would recommend that she go for steak and lobster. I am assuming she means "lobster tail" v. a steamed/boiled lobster with a steak.

Quite frankly, I am at a loss. I may go for a juicy steak or a lobster feed on their own but the concept of surf'n turf has never appealed to me.

I was thinking of Von's but it has been quite some time since I was last there. The Keg is another when they have their lobster feature but although I do hit a steak chain like it from time to time, I would be reluctant to recommend it. Red Lobster? Just kidding.....

Ruth's Chris? Nothing immediately springs to mind unless one of the better restaurants happens to be featuring it that have all been mentioned here, Hardware, Characters, Jack's, Red Ox...maybe Normand's or the Copper Pot only because both do have seafood from time to time. I do not know if Sage does lobster, likely. Too long since I was last at the Mayfield Grill.

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  1. We used to like Ric's Grill not Ricky's Grill but Ric's Grill. Two different resturants. We stopped going because it was getting pricey and it seemed to go downhill. I haven't heard anything good about Ruth's Chris. Not sure why they'd want to advertise US beef in Alberta Beef Country.

    1. Yeah I'm at a loss too on where she should go. I have a hard enough time finding a place that does a great steak aside from my back yard. Lobster is tricky. I've been to the East Coast so I'm tainted.


      1. Sorry Bob, tried to think of something, but i can't think of any place definitive i'd send them.

        All i know is:

        1. Ruth's Chris has Lobster Tail you can add. Australian i believe.
        2. Von's...not since the early 90's man :)
        3. I believe Sage does lobster, though there menu changed late last year. Im going Sunday, so i'll let you know.
        4.Uhh...Chop maybe? I figure a classic steakhouse is probably a better chance than someplace like Red Ox or Jack's. Lobster, in theory, should be seasonal. Many of those places don't even serve steak anymore, let alone steak and lobster.
        5. Mayfield Grill was underrated, but i noticed they've changed their name (Vic's Grill?) - not sure if anything else has changed. They have lobster though. That'd be worth a try.

        Sorry im of no use to you this time man...

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        1. re: yen

          Yeah Mayfield changed owners and now it's Vic's. Never tried it. We showed up with our entertainment book to find that it was Vic's. There wasn't anyone there in the resturant and they were not interested in taking in the coupon since they changed ownership. So we didn't try it. Too bad because word of mouth is usually the best advertisement isn't it?

        2. How about Outback Steakhouse? There's two one in the south and one in West. In the past we have preferred the one in the south.

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          1. re: sleepycat

            Actually, that's a really good call. If you can get over the whole chain thing, i've always enjoyed the steak at Outback. They probably use the same frozen lobster tail that most other restaurants use. And it would probably be the best value place to go :)

            1. re: sleepycat

              Thank you sleepycat, Yen, livetocook.

              You have confirmed my initial thoughts, i.e. there is no particular place in Edmonton that is known for its "steak and lobster".

              In the case of my co-worker, she expected that the accompanying seafood would in fact be a lobster tail ... likely frozen ... Cuban, Carribean or Australian as the case may be.

              I could not think of any particular spot and we have mentioned most of the steak houses where one might order the lobster tail as an a la carte addition. I will let you know if she in fact does find a spot.


              Funny you mention the Outback. They too might have an "Aussie" lobster tail to add to their steak...mind you would probably be the only authentically Australian thing in the restaurant and came pre-boxed from Jupiter, Florida.

              A friend of mine used to own a % of the Alberta restaurants and we used to relatively regularly go the one just north of WEM but we have not been back in years.

              Quite frankly I did not mind their rack of lamb [so long as I remembered to request that they not put their seasoning mixture on it] and the big porterhouse and on a very hot day those VERY frozen mugs provided a welcome, albeit slightly slushy beer.

              My "significantly better half" enjoyed their "bloomin' onion".

              1. re: Bob Mac

                Their buffalo wings were the best. Oddly enough they also made cranberry milkshakes which are not on the menu. Haven't been there for 2 years though. Which one did you go to ?

                1. re: sleepycat

                  Love their wings. And with that blue cheese dip...yum! The Bloomin' onion is good too, until my friend filled me in on how many calories was in one. When the comparison is two-digit numbers of Big Macs, it starts to get a bit scary.

                  1. re: yen

                    They also had the biggest juiciest celery sticks to go with it. I have never seen any that big. Not sure if that app is as good now as it was way back then.

                    1. re: sleepycat

                      yen/sleepy cat:

                      The wings at CHOP are worth ordering but they are nowhere as good they were when they first opened and the hot variety were grilled / roasted versus deep fried.

                      Unfortunately they have gone to the traditional deep fried variation due [I am told ] to customer demand.

                      However, their blue cheese dressing whether for the wings or their salad is worth the proverbial price of admission. Big chunks of blue cheese.

                      I wish I could buy it buy itself ... come to think of it that will be the request when I am there the next time.

                2. re: Bob Mac

                  I swear I'm the only person that I know of that can't stand Outback. I've been three times and have yet to like it. Got their standard steak, was very disappointed (my best friend loves it there). Got the ribs, hated the sauce (Montana's way better). I can't remember what else I got but, I may just get that Alice Spring chicken next time one of our friends wants to go. Because I know at some point one of them will want to go

                  The only time I liked it was in Korea but it was one of those place that you went to when you really needed your fix of good western food. They didn't disappoint.

                  Funny thing about lobster, I hated it until I went to the East Coast for holidays in '04. I never understood why my mom always ordered it until I ate it there. It was amazing. Its crazy how bad it can be in 'non lobster" regions.

              2. Yup it's a chain and after being pretty good for a long while, it too started to slip.

                This is prairie land after all. Although, that reminds me every summer just out outside of Crossfields on HWY 2 in the summer there's someone selling 100 shrimp for 9.99 or lobster tail. We've seen it almost 4 years in a row. We've never been curious enough to stop and check it out but someone is definitely coming back every year to sell this like Taber farmers coming out and selling corn on stands. Has anyone ever tried this stand it is always at the Esso/Tim Horton's off HWY 2 going northbound to Edmonton.