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Nov 17, 2001 11:31 AM

New Years Eve near Santa Monica?

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My husband and I will be staying in S.M. night of 12/31. We're from Northern California so don't know the likely spots to host a NY Eve Party. Something with dinner and dancing. We're late 40's so music needs to be danceable for 'oldies' like us.

Perhaps I've asked the impossible of Chowhounds to mix music and party with great food -- but for this event I'm willing to sacrifice something...

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    Cyrus J. Farivar

    I know that there are often some New Year's places along PCH that have parties. I can't attest to them, as I've never been, but I know that they're there. I would try to avoid Gladstone's, which is this big noisy overpriced place that I really don't like. Although I don't know what they do for New Year's, I would recommend Pierview, which is in Malibu, just on PCH. They have great food, and it's pretty cozy...and if you sit on the balconies outside at the tables for two, you're about 50 feet from water's edge. Hope this helps.

    1. Try Malibu Villa. Check them out at They are listed there, and you can read a short description about their New Year's Eve event. Also, this one is in Beverly Hills, but it's fun: The Coconut Club. You can buy an LA Weekly at any newstand for $1 and read about other special events also. Good luck and have fun.

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        Ummm. LA Weekly is a freebie at about a zillion places, most all coffee houses and convenience stores.
        Also if you are in Santa Monica / Venice/ Marina area there are fireworks at midnight in Marina del Rey. We like to watch them from the cliffs of Palisades park, with a glass of champagne.
        Happy New Year All