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Feb 10, 2008 10:25 AM

Fresh Ground Chuck Makes The Best Burger

Fresh Ground Chuck Makes The Best Burger

Yes, it does. It has the right amount of fat, un-tenderness, gristle and connective tissue to give the burger an interesting texture and flavor. A little Kosher salt and fresh ground pepper on the outside. Sear and grill that baby over high heat to your desired doneness. I prefer it on a toasted English muffin. Yummm!!!!

Usually a great burger doesn't need anything. But sometime a square of American cheese. Or perhaps some sauteed mushrooms and onions. Bleu cheese. Crisp bacon. But, like I said a great burger needs nothing more than a good bun and a scmear of ketchup.

It's only my opinion, as all food matters are, but making a burger from filet mignon, or Kobe beef is the pitts.

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  1. Chuck is my standard purchase for hamburgers. The lean to fat ratio is perfect for a juicy burger. I at all possible grind it yourself. Connective tissue like silver skin I removed. This tissues does not break down when cooking burgers or even with long slow cooking. No reason it should be there.

    To me there is nothing like a burger made from the meat right off the grinder. When formed lighly it has a wonderful texture. Some texture and moisture is lost after freezing but still okay.