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Nov 17, 2001 10:49 AM

Iron chefUSA

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Did anyone see the new version of Ironchef on channel 13 friday night called IronchefUSA. Hehehehe it was quite laughable i have been watching Ironchef for quite a while. I even watched when it only aired on the japaese stations. Well, maybe i am being hypercritical, but i would like to hear what others thought of it.


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    Carolyn Tillie

    I too watched Iron Chef when it was only on Sunday nights on the International Channel -- and I am grateful that I have several of those years on tape.

    I am also grateful that I had to work last night and was thankfully spared the atrocity of Shatner's Kaga. By all accounts on other chatlists, it was an abomination.

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    1. re: Carolyn Tillie

      I thought i was the only one who watched it regularly in Japanese hehehe glad to see that there is someone else out there who likes the show as much.......

      1. re: Ericyuck
        Carolyn Tillie

        Oh yeah! Once upon a time, when it was only being shown in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Hawaii, there was a chatlist through that I was on with other fanatics. Then it hit New York and a lot of the discussion started becoming repetative. Then it hit the Food Network and the discussion entered the realm of banality and I stopped contributing. It was really cool for one factor -- at the time, the First Morimoto/Flay confront was announced and those of us on the chatlist were offered first chance at the tickets -- I seriously thought of flying to New York just to go (as some San Francisco people did) but couldn't come up with the bucks. The other good thing that came out of the list was a tape-trade. There were/are some diehard fans that wanted every confront on tape. I acquired a rare, Battle Chicken that was filmed on the steps of the Forbidden City. VERY over produced and VERY pretty to watch...

        Ah, the good old days.

        1. re: Carolyn Tillie

          i have to say im impressed.....

    2. I too miss the glory days of watching Iron Chef in Japanese. I thought Iron Chef USA was like watching an hour long Saturday Night Live spoof of Iron Chef. And who better than Shattner to play Kaga?

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      1. re: debra

        I hadn't heard that Shatner had taken that job until I read it on this board, and when I first did so I thought someone was kidding. Then I prayed that someone was kidding. This sounds like another entry in the Bad Ideas Hall of Fame. I'm really glad that I missed it.

        1. re: Richard Foss
          Heather Cottingham

          Yep, just like Shatner singing!

      2. that show was absolutely terrible. todd english was playing up to the camera and came across as a big jerk. i wouldnt be surprised if kaga commits hari kari. what were they thinking?? even more who gave them the $$$ to do that? the original iron chef rules