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Feb 10, 2008 09:59 AM

August or Craft?

For Valentine's Day this week, I made duplicate reservations at August and Craft, and need to bail on one of them by Monday night to avoid being charged twice. I've never been to August, and have been to Craft, but, um, don't really remember it well. (Not to hijack my own thread, but does this happen to anyone else?)

So, any preferences or pointers or endorsements?

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  1. For romance and atmosphere, I'd go with August...more menu variety too, IMO

    1. i haven't been to craft but august was a delight.

      1. I usually have a very good memory regarding dining experiences. However, when I can't remember much about the food at a particular restaurant, it usually means there wasn't much, if anything, that was worthwhile remembering. I haven't been to either of these restaurants. Though there have been some recent posts extolling the virtues of Craft, perhaps based on your own unmemorable experience there, it might be better to opt for August.