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Feb 10, 2008 09:33 AM

Takeout/delivery options near 22nd & M NW?

I won't bore you with the details about why, but my wife and I are going to need to eat nearly a week's worth of dinners in a hotel room near 22nd & M NW. Can anybody suggest good takeout or delivery options in the area?


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  1. delivery sucks in DC - so for takeout:.

    the Greek deli on 19th. best dang gyro you'll find in town. also Nooshi (next door) and Bistro Asia down at L. the chinese place where M takes a jog at 21 has decent fare and stuff not on the menu - a co-worker swore by their Pad Thai (not on menu). there's also a Trader Joe's near there. Malaysia Kopitiam on (L?) G'Town for Vietnamese at Miss Saigon and classic French at B. Francais (among others) short walk really. Zed's was the best Ethiopian in the 80's, but has been sadly eclipsed by places elsewhere.

    1. For sandwiches at lunch, try the Uptowners on 24th between L and M. The fresh-carved turkey sandwiches are great.

      Takeout Taxi can deliver from lots of DC restaurants, and might be a good option for you. Try

      1. The LA Sports Club at the Ritz has a really good/reasonable cafe you can eat in and take out. Non-members can go in there and order.

        1. GrillFish and Meiwah on 21st and New Hampshire (Meiwah delivers); Firefly up the street on NH would prob. let you do take out, as would a few other restauratns in that area.. Hudson's, Vidalia, Penang, Malaysia Koptiam

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            Meiwah - that's the Chinese place I was trying to describe.

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              Meiwah's steamed veggie dumplings are addictive! One appetizer serving of 6 is a great lead-in to a fuller meal for 2 or a great meal for 1. The sesame noodles are comforting, too. Some of the stir-fried dishes tend to be a little sweet and gloopy, but everything else I've tried has been a hit.

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                Luigi's delivers - and has great pizza!

          2. Thanks for the suggestions. Thought I'd follow up with the results.

            Firefly: We shared the pot roast and the scallops. The pot roast wasn't anything special, but was fine. The scallops were really delicious, salty and sweet. The "family recipe" matzoh ball soup was also good. It's interesting removing the atmosphere from the eating experience. My wife enjoyed her meal, but was surprised when I told her how much it cost. The scallops were probably the only item that tasted like their price.

            Meiwah: This was fine. My wife is Chinese, so she's not as as much of a sucker for so-so Chinese food as I am. We got the Beijing Duck, which had very nicely crisped skin. The sauce wasn't quite right, though. The green beans, which were recommended elsewhere on the board, were pretty good, but were absolutely swimming in sauce. I returned a few nights later when I had to work late and needed to grab something quick. I got chicken & broccoli in white sauce, and it was exactly what I was looking for. It's a chicken & broccoli kind of joint.

            Westend Bistro: Another meal that, for the most part, didn't taste like its price. However, the skate was unbelievably good. It was perfectly cooked, moist, and full of flavor. The steak was a little bit tough and not that flavorful. I would go again for that skate in a second.

            Moby Dick: I gather that this is a rather large local chain. I had a combo kebab plate with one kudibeh & one lamb kabob. I had ordered the combo with kubideh & chicken, but they got the order wrong. I thought this was actually very good. Not as good as similar food I ate when I lived in Brooklyn (at Zaytoons or Waterfall especially), but very good nonetheless. We had lunch the day before at Lebanese Taverna near the zoo, which was twice the cost and half the taste.

            The other nights, we managed to eat out. The first night we went to a mediocre Italian place on M in Georgetown. We also hit Etete and Queen Makeda on consecutive nights. Both had food that was out of control delicious. I've had the kitfo (raw of course!) at Queen Makeda twice now, and it is far and away the best I've tasted. Nary a spec of gristle or fat, and seasoned beautifully. Etete was great, too, but the gomen wasn't as fresh as the last couple of times I went. Maybe since it was Sunday night, it was leftover from Saturday.

            I should also mention that I've had lunch at the Pollo Rico in Ballston the last two times I've visited. That chicken is definitely addictive.

            All in all, I enjoyed eating in your city. Thanks!