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Feb 10, 2008 09:32 AM

rockland's catering

has anyone had experience with rockland's catering services and not just the local restaurants?

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  1. Yes, I've used them twice, but not for a few years now. Overall, they were pretty good. The worst part was actually booking them. For some reason, the booking people took a long time to return my calls and then were really difficult to work with. Once we got them booked though, the actual catering was great. We had gone with the option of using their staff to serve at our functions, and they were wonderful, the food was good, and I was very pleased with the end result.

    Now, having said that, I think that Red Hot & Blue does a really, really good job with their catering. A friend uses them at least a couple of times a year, and I have always been really impressed with their staff.

    1. A friend put on a party about 5 years ago that was semi-catered by Rockland's. Rockland's delivered the food in disposable foil trays, spent about 10 minutes unloading and putting them out on the table, and left. Nothing fancy, no serving, no steam or sterno warming trays, jno cleanup. Just piles of decent BBQ ribs, sliced brisket, and pulled pork, jugs of sauce, beans, and potato salad that fed about 50 hungry people with messy fingers.

      I think they may have provided paper plates, napkins, and plastic utensils, or maybe the host did.

      1. Have used them several times -- sliced pork, pulled chicked, beans, cole slaw, buns. Very easy and solid -- I'd not hesitate to have them cater a party again.

        1. I just call from their corporate catering people. Has anyone used them for office lunches?

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            We had a catered lunch from them today. I didn't do the ordering; however. We had pulled bbq chicken, baked beans (excellent!), coleslaw, potato salad, rolls, and the best chocolate chip cookies ever. Everyone at the meeting ate everything, to the last morsel. Hope that helps.

          2. I've had them do their regular BBQ with sides and they did a great job. Just got it delivered on platters which looked very nice.
            Then I even had them do some upscale jobs - whole tenderloins and sides of salmon which turned out terrific. They were real hits.
            They were easy to work with, the platters looked good and they were on time. No worries.