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Feb 10, 2008 09:20 AM

What to do with a can of jackfruit

Bought this at an Asian grocery for a wonderful rice dish, the recipe for which seems to have disappeared. Anyone have suggestions for how to use it in other dishes?

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  1. Is it in syrup? If so, it's pretty delish with some vanilla ice cream, or just on its own. I love jack fruit.

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    1. re: linguafood

      This breadfruit came in brine. It's yummy, tastes a lot like artichoke hearts, but doesn't seem like something for ice cream.

      1. re: Karen K

        I think it is jackfruit which has a yellowish flesh and canned in syrup. It is not the same as breadfruit.

        If you like Southeast Asian dessert, a bowl of shaved ice with condensed milk and jackfruits and other fruit is very refreshing! It is also good in coconut milk with tapioca

        1. re: Karen K

          Tropical fruit salad dessert: Slice the jackfruit into strips. Slice up other favorite canned tropical fruits -- lychee, rambutan, toddy palm, whatever . . . add some nata de coco for texture. Sweeten a cup or so of coconut milk and mix into fruits (you can sweeten the milk with a bit of the canning syrups, if you like). Refrigerate overnight for the flavors to blend. Yum!

      2. I personally would stick the can in the fridge and then eat it when it is nice and cold. Jackfruit is one of my favorite fruits in the world. I wish I lived where I could get fresh ones easier.

        1. If you have green jackfruit, which is savory, you can use it in all kinds of dishes where you might otherwise use pulled pork. A restaurant near my house makes delicious jack fruit barbeque and jackfruit "carnitas" burritos. So good!