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Feb 10, 2008 09:18 AM

12 Washington(M.D.R)

Going for dinner tonight.Its been awhile.Is it still as charming and good as I remember.Ideas on what to order.

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  1. Beware that it changed ownership toward the end of last year. Not sure if the new owners worked there or not beforehand, but report back if you do go.

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    1. re: carter

      Hi Carter,Had a good dinner last night.Your right new ownership and -surprise- the employees bought the restaurant.Food is the same.Our waiter recommended the fillet mignon with peppercorn sauce.Very good-and he was the nicest person I ever met.

    2. I've never seen this place- I'm assuming it's on Washington. Where exactly is it?

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      1. re: PrettyPlaty

        That's the address - 12 Washington Blvd, right down near the pier.

        1. re: PrettyPlaty

          Across the street from C&O and slightly closer to the sand.

          1. re: carter

            I meant the actual Venice Pier. Is there a restaurant called the Pier? Anyway, it's across the street from C&O.

        2. Most of the dishes I've tried there have been unnecessarily heavy, bland and poorly executed. I'd like to know if there are any particular dishes there that are done well as I've had no luck with them whatsoever.