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Feb 10, 2008 07:48 AM

Valentine's night out


I read a blog item that New York Times food critic Frank Bruni recently wrote that mentioned how he hates going out on Valentine's night.

What do you Hounds think?

Is it a must-go-out night for you and the person you love?

Do you feel like you're getting clipped with suddenly more expensive prix fixe menus that offer limited choice (beef or fish) -- and of course nothing for the vegetarian or special diet folks? Does that 9:30-is-our-only-available-time reservation help or enhance your night of love?

How many of you treat eating out Valentine's the way drinkers do going out on New Year's Eve -- and just leave it to the amateurs?

My wife and I (OK, we have young kids, so we may be freaks in this regard) are developing a tradition of Valentine's fondue with a nice bottle of wine -- at home.

  1. My husband and I wouldn't be caught dead out on Valentine's Day evening for one simple reason: The food and service aren't good.

    We like good food and good service. Go figure.

    Also, I'm in the biz, and I know what kind of shit show Vday is. It's a turn and burn kind of evening; the uber amateur night. It's the people who think they have to show their lover a higher end evening out, but in reality have no idea how to dine.

    "Yes, the lady will have a frozen strawberry daquiri with EXTRA whipped cream and I'll have two Bud Lites" kind of night.

    Why subject yourselves to that? Us restaurant people have more faith than that in you 'Hounds. Boycott Valentine's Day out!

    1. My birthday is on Feb 14th. I am screwed for birthday dinner. Here in Greenville SC several places realize that Valentines day is the SUPER BOWL of amateur nights and are offering very nice wine dinners before the 14th. Deveroux's and Brown Street Jazz Club are both doing great things on the 11th and 12th. Kudos to the owners who know that true Foodies want a special night.

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