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Feb 10, 2008 07:23 AM

Duke: Caterer from Baltimore

I know this is a long shot but approx. 5 years ago I used a home caterer by the name of Duke (African American gentleman who worked w/ a female partner) for a graduation party. The food, presentation, service etc...were out of this world. I need him again and the numbers that I have are no longer working. Has anyone heard of this fabulous guy and if so do you have up to date contact info. for him?

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  1. Do you recall whether it a side gig for him? Because there was a security guard named Duke at University of Maryland Law on Baltimore Street who occasionally catered events at the school and would sometimes bring in cakes "just because". He was a sweetheart. This was three years ago, and he was always threatening to retire, but you might want to try UM Law (or better yet, the security office for University of Maryland at Baltimore) and see if they have any contact information.

    1. By any chance was his name Stanley Dukes (not Duke)? He is a home caterer and I have his info if we are indeed talking about the same person. let me know

      1. I'm actually not sure if he was a security guard or not or even if his full name is Stanley Dukes...I do know he's well known for his crab balls if that helps.

        1. my name is stanley c dukes and i am a caterer from baltimore it may have been me
          410 241-6650