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Feb 10, 2008 06:55 AM

Vegetarian Valentine's Day

I am relatively new to vegetarianism, so Valentine's Day reservations were more about where we wanted to go rather than who has a good vegetarian selection. Any suggestions for a nice last-minute vegetarian Valentine's Day dinner in Manhattan? Thanks!

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  1. If you are willing to go upscale and can get a reservation, Cafe Boulud would be a great choice. While it may be 4-star chef Daniel Boulud's second-tier restaurant, the cuisine is first-rate. And one of the 4 menu, Le Potager, focuses on vegetarian dishes. Cordial, polished service. Very lovely ambiance.

    1. I am absolutely not a vegetarian, but went to Quintessence with my cousin who is over the weekend and was quite suprised. I loved it. It's fully vegan, and I was shocked how great I felt after, after eating all of these tofu/nut made cheeses, etc.

      They had a Valentines Day menu that looked fabulous. Call to see if you can make reservations. The place is the tiniest place I've EVER been to.

      1. Try Candle 79/Café - their V-Day menus are up, and you can make reservations online.

        1. As a lifelong vegetarian, I would just like to point out (as I so frequently do on this board!) that one need not go to an exclusively vegetarian restaurant to get great vegetarian food. Indian, Mexican, Thai, and Italian restaurants always have vegetarian options (and more than just one). So if you like any of those cuisines, search the board for recommendations for those restaurants.

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            I really appreciate the reminder, scarlet starlet. I forget about those cuisines when looking for "special dining" options, mostly because I do eat them quite frequently.

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              I completely AGREE with scarlet starlet in that one can find vegetarian (lacto-ovo, in my case) easily. If you eat fish, you are definitely good to go. It is very rare to find a restaurant that won't create a special, "off the menu" dish for you or an entree made up of side dishes. That said, on the vegee front, Pure Food & Wine is amazing and you probably won't notice that you are dining on raw vegan food!