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Feb 10, 2008 06:37 AM

Eastern Standard for breakfast

Hi - I'm looking for a nice breakfast place in Boston (or Cambridge) that I can reach on the T - I've seen a few postings about Eastern Standard, but not about their breakfast. Any opinions? Are there other places that offer choices beyond eggs, bacon, home fries?


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  1. ESK Is fantastic. Great Bloody Mary.
    I also rec. Blue Room in Kendall Sq

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      I just had brunch today at the Blue Room ( It's available only on Sundays, at $23 per person before alcohol, tax, & tip. I thought was food was well-prepared. However, my dining companions and I were slightly disappointed to find more lunch selections than breakfast-type options.

      On the menu today: mesclun salad, octopus salad, scallop ceviche, cauliflower & mushroom gratin, ribs (very tasty!), broccoli soup, lamb, salmon, creamy polenta, saffron rice, bacon, sausage, plantains, pancakes, and an omelet. There several more dishes available - I just didn't take notes.

      In addition, there is a table of dessert selections (cookies, cheesecake, pudding, and other stuff).

    2. Details? Time, weekdays or weekends, brunch vs. breakfast, dim sum...???

      1. I just had Eastern Standard room service a week ago and it was really good. I can only tell you about the eggs, bacon, and homefries but all were delicious but the real treat was the omelet. It was by far the best one I have ever had...not soggy and cooked all the way through but not a speck of the brown grossness that comes with overcooking.

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          You know what's funny scubahood? I had room service from them a few weeks ago as well. My breakfast was delicious too! A little pricey but money wasn't an issue when it came to my husband getting his omelet!

        2. I think I am about to be a voice of dissent on this board regarding Eastern Standard but here it goes...the food at Eastern Standard has gone way, way down hill and I definitley have enough visits through out the time it has been open to back up that opinion.

          ES seems to only have talent at the bar these days, not in the kitchen. The drinks are great, the crowd lively, the music is eclectic and perfect for all age groups and the bartenders manage to make you feel as though they are throwing a party in their own home every night. Which is why I am still a frequest visitor...after three of their incredible cocktails and great conversation with all sorts of folks, I don't care if the frites have been sitting under the heat lamp all night!

          Brunch is, by far, their worst service. The brunch menu is just their regular menu with the addition of an omlette, an egg dish, a quiche and yogurt w granola. Plus, the space is too big and too empty on a Sunday afternoon. (The mediocre brunch food may be worth it though on a beautiful warm sunny day on their patio.)

          I ate breakfast (scrambled eggs and bacon with toast) there a few months ago. Doing eggs really well is proof of a good chef/cook in my opinion and well, I could have made better at home.

          For brunch, I like Union on Washington Street (slow brunch table service but great food and more often than not, very friendly bar service.) or Aquitaine on Tremont.

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            I had brunch at Aquitaine this past Sunday and it was delicious. I had a special of egg whites scrambled with chives, served over crostini and drizzled with white truffle oil. Quite tasty. My side of bacon was not as crispy as I requested, but otherwise all was great. If this dish were offered again I would order it.

            One friend asked for a generous portion of fruit/berries with her scrambled eggs instead of potatoes and toast (?) and while the initial serving was small and rather sad looking when she pointed this out to our server she was given a beautiful bowl of berries.

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              Never had brunch but I find the food at ES to be mediocre. I've had dinner there several times, I want to like it, the atmosphere is great and it's closeby for me, but I just can't. I do like having drinks at the bar though.

            2. I can report in on Eastern Standard's Sunday brunch, as I ate there yesterday. Eastern Standard has been a fixture in my family's life since it opened; I think we were among the first to order on opening day, which was purely by chance. The service remains consistently strong in terms of attention and attitude; we were well taken care of despite a bit of a lag in our order which seemed to take a while, but, hey, it was Sunday so we enjoyed the pace, for the most part. The cocktails help, of course.

              For single diners, I can recommend the bar; there was plenty of room and they offer the same menu. (The music is loud over there, though.) Bring your Sunday paper and settle in. We were there as a group and found that we were surrounded by many families and couples. It is a relaxed atmosphere and a there's a LOT of mid-day drinking going on.

              I am a big fan of Eastern Standard, but I have to say, their brunch menu is really not anything too exciting. They had a couple of specials, but we stuck to the menu. Waffles, pancakes, calamari, and burgers, that kind of thing. Note that it is not a buffet. It's a mixture of breakfast and lunch items. Some nice little sides, as usual. The most memorable part of our meal, in addition to the service, was the attention my vegan daughter got; she asked for something - anything- that she could eat, and the chef prepared a nice pasta dish for her that was not on the menu. (It sure would be nice to see more vegan options on some Boston menus.) Hats off to the chef for helping her out.

              While I continue to be a big fan of this place, and it has some real strengths, I was a bit disappointed in the Sunday brunch that they offer, None of us raved about anything (except for our drinks!). Some day, they may look at this time frame as an exciting possibility and generate some new energy into the menu. None the less, we stumbled out after our delicious cocktails, feeling satisfied with the special attention that we received. Let's hope they really kick up this menu for our next brunch visit.

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                I have to agree completely with your post. I live in the Kenmore area and have been eating at Eastern Standard as long as it has been open. I too am really disappointed with their brunch. I think that their regular breakfast menu is OKAY, but their brunch menu is weak. Plus, it has been the same menu forever. Not my favorite place for Sunday brunch.

                There are a ton of places in the South End (although not really accessible by the T, but a short, painless walk from the Copley or Arlington stops on a nice day) that do it really well and I would highly recommend many of them, such as POPS, Union, and Aquitaine.

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                  Let's hope they regroup and really make us want to wait in line for their Sunday brunch. I want to really rave about it.....