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Feb 10, 2008 05:54 AM

Food Fight voting

Is anyone aware that you can vote over and over again for the same recipe? So the votes are meaningless?

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  1. Interesting question - I wondered about that but didn't want to test it by "voting".

    1. Well, if you read the contest rules, the votes don't actually determine the winner. However, in future contests I think it would be good to make it so you can only vote once per day per computer.

      1. Well now I'm really disappointed. I wondered how some recipes could have thousands of votes already. I guess I should have caught that before I submitted my recipe. :)

        1. We know there's been some concern about this voting thing. Gman and his mac-n-hot-pocket delicacy getting tens of thousands of votes has caused some alarm (though I see now that alexalligator has knocked gman out of first place with a mac 'n' cheese recipe that includes chicken nuggets, cheese pizza, and mac and cheese).

          Note that this is our first Food Fight Challenge. It ends on Friday and the next one will start up right away; we're not changing the technology behind the voting just yet. We're testing the waters, and we honestly didn't expect the system to be quite so gamed. But to anyone thinking that by voting 50,000 times that they're actually gaming anyone: give up. The contest is judged by the CHOW food editors, and we decide which ones we want to test. It says in the rules that we are using voting as a "guideline" -- that was because we didn't limit it to one person, one vote and we wanted to reserve the right to choose a quality recipe. And that's what we will do, when we figure out the winner.

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          1. re: davina

            Thank god, hopefully that will teach them, their little vote rigging got them nowhere.

            1. re: gyrobot

              From some of the comments it seems that this is some sort of "retaliation" for Chow's advertising on a gaming site? Weird.

              I know they think they're spoiling all our fun, but I'm still interested to see who will win. Will there be test kitchen reviews of all the finalists? That would be cool. And, if nothing else, I've got a bunch of new recipes I want to try!

              Although.. I do think it might be kind of amusing to see a Supertaster video of the mac-n-pocket. :D

          2. Obviously this is is kids playing around — and I think it destroys Chow's credibility to some degree.

            Although the votes don't determine a winner, they do show a very flawed system that was put into place and is remaining in place. Until the problem is fixed, I won't be reading the food fight challenges anymore.

            Also, the ad that is running for suggestions for the next food fight often contain profanities or profanity like comments, as well as some pretty useless suggestions.

            This lack of moderation is turning me off bigtime.