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Feb 10, 2008 04:24 AM

Ruined Rice?

Eeek. I soaked my rice in the cooker last night but forgot to turn it off, so it was left on the 'keep warm' setting all the rice is ruined! any thoughts to saving this? I made an extra big batch in anticipation of taking it to a party tonight...would hate to throw away 8 cups of semi-steamed rice...

Any help would be appreciated....TIA

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  1. I do this all the time, and found little options aside from making into rice pudding or jook.

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      that's what i was afraid of....oh well, i guess i could make some jook to take to the party as well then....

    2. In a situation like that, I ask myself what I would do under similar situations....what could I do with a big batch of cooked oatmeal...well I could make it like a polenta, put it into a pan, chill it, and grill, or fry it. For a crowd, I'm not about as a base for a quick bread? or muffins? I'm sure someone has recipes for savory muffins using a cooked grain. I'd also consider adding some egg to bind and bake it into a pie crust of some sort....


      1. Throw away rice that is "cooked" and left out at room temperature overnight. Eating the rice can give you food poisoning.