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Feb 10, 2008 02:31 AM

Culinary Cryptoquote - Words to cook by [Moved from Home Cooking board]

The following is the solution to a cryptogram published on 08Feb08 in our local newspaper.

"A recipe is only a theme which an intelligent cook can play each time with a variation."

It is attributed to Madame Benoit (I never heard of her?).

I make the claim that I belong to the "What if..." school of cooking specializing in "Cuisine Impromptu."

I have a personal slogan, "Cook like a peasant, dine like a gourmet."

Buon appetito tutti!

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  1. I'm not sure what kind of a reply you're looking for, but this made me think of the little newspaper clipping I've had on my fridge for years.

    A question to Chef Julia Child on 'The Newshour with Jim Lehrer':
    "You believe in red meat?"
    "I certainly do. Red meat and gin."


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    1. re: Vetter

      You're reply is just fine, and I'm glad to have it. Thanks for the Julia quote...I agree wholeheartedly with her.

    2. Jahnne Benoit was the Julia Child of French Canadian cooking with many cookbooks published and a television show on cooking on one of the Montreal stations when i was in my teens.

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      1. re: Candy

        Thank you for informing me of Mme. Benoit's credentials. I really like the quote because that's the way I cook. I use cookbooks only as a guide because I usually prepare food my way...mostly from scratch.

        I just made some chili using pork loin and loads of ground chile from different sources, some of which I've never before used in chili. Altho I use lots of rehydrated dried beans in my no-recipe minestrone, beans never go into my chili.

      2. "A waist is a terrible thing to mind"
        ---Oscar Wilde

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          Toodie Jane, I love Oscar Wilde's last words: "Either this wall paper goes or I do."

          1. re: toodie jane

            Oh, how true! Thank you for that quote because I'm involved in that war. I've started cooking all kinds of stuff to win those battles. I was winning until holidays came along starting from Thanksgiving and lasting thru to New Year's Day with 2 family birthdays in between those days.

            1. re: toodie jane

              Nice try. A mind is a terrible thing to waste is modern and has been the motto of the United Negro College Fund for over 30 years. OW was long dead. More likely the quote should be attributed to Jane Caminos
              A waist is a terrible thing to mind