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Nov 15, 2001 02:32 PM

fairfax & sunset recommendation?

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hello food gurus,

just wondering if anyone can recommend a fairly quick but tasty place to eat in the fairfax/sunset area.

thanks in advance,

mary ann

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  1. I happen to like the Griddle on Sunset and Fairfax
    They are however only open for breakfast and lunch

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    1. re: david

      Yes! the Griddle is really good for breakfast, great pancakes, turkey sausage and french Press coffee.
      I have never tried the chili but its supposed to be good, daily exotic varieties.

    2. I like Eat a Pita for lunch. It's at 465 N. Fairfax. Fast food falafel and middle eastern food. Yum!

      1. ...on fairfax, there's LOLA's (about 3 blocks above melrose) which gives you good size portions for your $12-$20 itallian entree. you really go there for the martinis. there's KUNG PAU BISTRO (chinese) near whole foods on santa monica and fairfax. good chinese food, reasonably priced. there's the infamous TOI's on gardner and sunset, which i can't stand, but some people like. GRIDDLE is AWESOME, but be prepared to eat a ton. my fave is GREENBLATT'S deli on sunset and laurel. great brisket.