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Feb 9, 2008 08:20 PM

Anywhere to buy New Mexico green/red chile around Toronto?


Are there any grocery stores that carry New Mexico chile products - like frozen green chile or any of the salsas that are made in NM?


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  1. You can pay bags of $ for boutique salsas sold at the GTA's better-known food extortionistas. Frozen chiles are pretty rare, as are small NM or AZ local label salsas--not haute types but just everyday varieties on most tables and in most cupboards. That's what's all-but-impossible to get here. DIY salsas are not impossible or a survivalists' fetish thing--recipes abound, so try it. The fresh chile selection is getting better every year at the local farmers' market around the GTA but, sadly, that's a late summer thing.

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      Perola sells a lot of fresh chilies.

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        Thanks for the reply. I'm actually in NM - just trying to help a Canadian friend find green chile! I know that Whole Foods carries Bueno frozen green chile across the chain. I saw somewhere that there is a Whole Foods in Toronto - anyone know if it sells frozen green chile?

        it's too bad you guys don't have better access to the stuff! I'm constantly making addicts out of faraway friends that I send chile gifts to. :)

        1. re: UMF

          505 handed out free samples in Dundas Square when NM had a travel promotion a couple of years ago. That's the only NM chile product I've ever seen in Toronto -- and I've been looking for years. I have to rely on friends in NM to send me the stuff.

          Maybe you'll have better luck if you try to find a source in Buffalo for your friend.

          1. re: The Berserker

            If dried is OK then eBay is a source.
            I use this source for vanilla pods, saffron, French lentils, north African spices...
            Good prices, regular US. mail, and usually delivered without inspection.

            1. re: The Berserker

              505 - they're now making individual packets of green chile sauce. I thought that was quite clever.

              How far away is Buffalo from Toronto? The one time I visited, I thought it was around a 2 hr drive?

              1. re: UMF

                I love the individual packets from 505 -- they really keep well. I just finished the last packet about ten months after I got it, and it was still fresh.

                Buffalo is indeed about a 2 hour drive from Toronto (excluding border wait times.)

                1. re: The Berserker

                  I haven't tried the 505 chile but I'm sure it's decent. :) Anything's better than canned green chile! Now, if my friend would just let me SEND him some, I could solve this whole "where to find green chile" problem. But he won' I'm stuck.

                  1. re: UMF

                    I think you should just send it to him! :-) I definitely haven't seen frozen Bueno since I left Colorado and haven't seen the 505 sauces since leaving there either. We're almost out of our frozen green chile too, yikes. I live in the Detroit, MI area now and e-mailed Beuno last winter and this is their response:

                    We always appreciate hearing from customers such as yourself. We currently do not distribute to Michigan or surrounding areas at this time, but if you let your local store manager know your interest in these products, it would certainly help. Hearing from direct consumers goes a long way in the eyes of the store manager/buyer. In the short run, they may even be able to order the product for you from their Warehouse if you happen to shop at a store such as Albertsons, etc. that has a warehousing program in place. Together, hopefully in the future we can get the product into your region. We're working on it!

                    In the meantime, we do have a mail order program ( or 1-800-952-4453) or if you're ordering in bulk (possibly going in with other chile lovers!), with a minimum order of $150 - we can send product directly to you. You would pick up freight but sometimes if we send it through an airline, it tends to be cheaper. If you're interested in this option, please let us know, and I'll have our Customer Service Representative call you to give you a sense of freight costs.
                    Thank you for sharing your feedback and thank you for the compliment you pay us by requesting Bueno® products.


                    So, sounds pricey and even pricier to ship to Canada no doubt. Sorry for the bad news! I really like the 505 green chile sauce if you can find it in Toronto. Perhaps you can email them to find out.


                    1. re: kellycolorado

                      I have co-workers in Toronto this week visiting from Albuquerque and they brought me two tubs of green chile - one mild and one hot. It is deliciious. I ate it every day when I was in NM - even had the grren chile beer and green chile ice cream.

        2. There's a couple of excellent grocery stores on Augusta Ave that specalize in latin american goods. Sorry can't remeber their names.

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          1. re: Finnegan

            I'm constantly on the hunt, and I still haven't found anything in Toronto. The Latin American/Californian/etc. products aren't the same.

            I'm still relying on mercy shipments from friends in NM....

          2. Good luck! I from Denver, hatch green chiles are from NM but aren't easy to find even in neighbouring states like Texas. The produce import fines are way too high in Canada, but I miss it more than anything! The closest thing I can get is by roasting a blend of poblano s, jalape├▒os and scotch bonnets the poblano s give off a good base for roasted flavour use the others to get your desired heat, hope this helps, beware many Canucks aren't used to this type of food so it's too hot be ready to eat it all, my favourite outcome!