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Feb 9, 2008 07:49 PM

something new

Has anyone been to the new Ruby Foos? I heard that the ribs are sensational.
What's your experience?

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  1. Do you mean the new restaurant taken over by previous owners (bought by Mcain group) of Piment rouge, i think it is called mahjong but i dont see it yet listed on their web site, under construction. The owners were being interviewed on radio today, seems they came out of retirement to take it on and according to the discussion have brought their expertise to this new dining experience so success practically guaranteed. Would like to hear feedback from those who have given it a try.

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      I went to confirm about the owners of Piment Rouge. The woman who established Piment Rouge is still the owner of it (definately not in retirement). She is the majority partner of Mahjongg also. However, the other partner of Mahjongg was once one of the owners of Wong Wing foods and that company was bought out by McCain. I haven't gone yet, but my parents have gone there a few times and they really like it.

      1. re: donnadeuce

        Mahjongg Ulc
        7655, boulevard Décarie, Montréal, QC H4P 2H2
        Telephone : 514-735-8868 (after 11h30)
        Open 7 days, lunch and dinner and Sunday Brunch

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          Mrs. Ma, is the owner of Piment Rouge, as well as Diablo Rojo on Peel, She had also owned a number of other places including her last project in Florida where she has been for the past few years, and Sherlock's.

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            So Mr. Ma restaurant in PVM is also owned by her?

      2. See their website:
        Launched 3 days ago, it includes their 11 page menu.

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          My daughter and i went there the other afternoon at 3pm and tried a variety of dishes including seafood ones, veggie ones, a kind of pancake dish etcand enjoyed the meal and ambience and parking was free, always an issue when you go to chinatown

        2. Stay clear of mahjongg restaurant! The food is mildly enjoyable but if you should order the special, be prepared to get fleeced. i ordered a lobster cantonese, expecting it to be, $30, $40 or even $50 dollars (i.e. double the price of the most expensive entree on the menu) Nope, $88 dollars for an entree.. in montreal, off decarie boul in a motel! Yes caveat emptor, I would never have expected this kind of bait and switch. obviously the staff knew what they were doing, when we inquired about the market price of the lobster, they got both sarcastic and defensive... stay away. For that price go someplace really nice and enjoy the food without the attitude and the prohibitive cost.

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          1. re: mmb15

            I'm sorry to hear that. Not saying it is right, but "88" is a 'special' number in the chinese language, because it sounds similar to prosperity. Maybe that was the silly reason for it?