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Feb 9, 2008 07:29 PM

Chinatopia in Hollywood

I have been invited to meet some friends there, before I go is it a good restaurant and if so, anything in particular I should order?

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  1. I've been to Chinatopia several times and it's good. However, I prefer Helen Huang's over on Hollywood Blvd which was Christina Wan's, I think it is the same chef though. Ok, back to Chinatopia, as a reference point, the owner of Chinatopia previously owned Wong's in North Miami. It's a standard/traditional menu. No standouts come to mind but everything is fresh and the quality of the beef is better than most places that I've been to in Miami and Broward.

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      Where on Hollywood Blvd is Helen Huang's? Is there anything standout that you recomend, or anything that you dont usually see on a chinese menu?

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        I happen to like the walnut shrimp in the (I know it sounds gross but it's divine) mayo sauce.

        Other than that, I find all their dishes pedestrian and the service can be horrid.

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          referring to chinatopia or helen huang? Looking for a good chinese restaurant anywhere in Dade/Broward to take someone to.

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            In Broward, Silver Pond is generally considered the best Chinese in the area (4285 N. State Road 7, Lauderdale Lakes, 954-486-8885). Here's a link to the Sun-Sentinel review:

            Search the Florida board or check out this thread "Top Chinese in Florida" for other suggestions:

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              Thanks for the tip! I heard of the place a couple times last year, but have never been. That place and Peppers. I'm going to have to go.

      2. Chinatopia is good and David (the owner) and his family are all very friendly. I enjoy alot of the traditional or standard dishes there but two dishes that i would recommend are the whole crispy fried duck and lobster in black bean sauce.

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          I never tried the duck but had the lobster in black bean sauce on several occasions. The sauce is tasty but the lobster can be a bit like rubber. Chinatopia is standard issue Chinese- pretty generic. Not amazing but not bad. I would avoid any dish in a white sauce and some of the chicken dishes. (In some of the dishes, the chicken seems like it's been strangely pulverized and put back together.)