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Feb 9, 2008 06:54 PM

Roti in Miami?

I know of Christine's Roti in NMB but does anybody have recommendation for a place down south in Kendall area?

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    1. re: 2top

      THanks, But looks like there is nothing in Miami between NE 167 St and SE 168 St...

      1. re: tarepanda

        Caribbean Kitchen Restaurant
        16894 South Dixie Hwy
        Miami, FL 33157
        Tel: (305)-252-1229
        And it's good.

    2. the best roti is at LC roti shoppe on 441 in the Caribbean shopping center just south of Ives Dairy Rd. LC is in the kitchen and makes magic.

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      1. re: mango101

        Old thread and an old spot but the curried conch roti at LC's Roti Shop was incredible. I had to revive this thread... I also enjoyed the Mauby (bark & angostura bitters) & the phulourie

      2. After years of trial:
        THE BEST
        Joy's Roti Delight
        1235 N W State Road 7
        Lauderhill Mall
        Lauderhill, FL 33313-5801
        Tel: (954) 587-7700