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Feb 9, 2008 06:08 PM

New bbq place in Round Rock

There's been a barbecue place on 620 near the intersection with N. Lake Creek Drive for years. It's been known as Round Rock BBQ, and various owners. The quality has generally varied from mediocre to awful over the years. Some time recently, it changed hands and is now known as Johnny T's. Having eaten there now about 5 times, I think it's a really good place; a definite improvement.

I like the pulled pork and usually always go for that. The brisket is also very good, as is the chicken. The sausage is nothing special--although I usually get it because it makes a good "side" with the pulled pork. They have the usual sides: the fried okra is pretty good, and something we usually always get; the potato salad is good but nothing extraordinary. What really surprised me is how much I liked their cole slaw; usually I don't like cole slaw and don't order it, but had some that my wife ordered, and liked it a lot. The cole slaw and okra are likely to become my standard sides.

The place is small. We usually do takeout, but it's comfortable enough for a quick, informal lunch. The access is easy to miss, but they've improved it recently with more signs advertising themselves.

Incidentally, my very first post on chowhound. I've posted occasionally on the usenet group.

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  1. Thanks for the post, rajat! I live near there and will give Johnny T's a try.

    1. thanks i live in rr too,the owner is the former chef of main st grill i read somewhere.

      1. I also like their pulled pork, and my husband really loves the turkey, which I must admit is tasty and moist.

        1. Just picked up a meal for six (two family packs) with brisket, pulled pork, and turkey. All very good. You'd have to drive a long way from RR to find any better. The sides were delicious and varied. Creamed corn, who would have thought. And the tamale potatoes were a hit. Will be back.

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          1. re: ubilam

            What about Rudy's? Is it better than Rudy's, or worse? Rudy's is kind of right there in RR.

            1. re: rudeboy

              Well, the turkey is better than Rudy's for sure, and Rudy's does not have pulled pork. I can't speak for the brisket, since I have not tried it yet, but Johnny's is definitely good !!

              1. re: rudeboy

                I much prefer Johnny's to Rudy's. The pulled pork and the cole slaw side, in my opinion, makes this place an easy choice over Ruby's.

                1. re: rudeboy

                  I've tried Rudy's, and it strikes me as one of those corporate BBQ places where the "experience factor" like butcher paper, cute signage, goofy slogans, etc trump the food. Johnny T's, while having a pleasant dining room, is all about the food.