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Feb 9, 2008 06:07 PM

ORourkes Diner REOPENING - Middletown, Ct

Just want to let everyone know that as of Monday 2/11...
O'Rourkes Diner will be open for business again!


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  1. The (Wesleyan) Cardinals will be cooing. What style building? The funky old diner will be hard to replicate!

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    1. Anyone stop in when they opened this week.....dying to know!!!!

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        i posted in the other o'rourkes thread about my visit..

        1. Does anyone know their Sunday hours?

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          1. re: Enfielder

            I can't wait to try O'Rourkes when I move my son (a rising freshman) into Wesleyan this fall. Any other Middletown restaurant recs would be most appreciated.

            Also, I think we will be staying in Glastonbury. Any recs there would be great as well. We need, breakfast (we are very partial to "joints"), lunch and dinners. Also, I hope this is not too off-topic, but is it crazy to stay as far as Glastonbury when you need to be in Middletown? The pickings for hotels seems a little slim. Any hotel pointers there would be wonderful (if allowed on Chowhound). Many thanks.

            1. re: sherry f

              Sorry, folks, hotel pointers are beyond the scope of what Chowhound is about. Thanks very much for sticking only with good chow.

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                The last, first. The alumni and parent house on the campus is affordable and lovely. Make reservations now. A couple of our faves are gone the tibetian and middle eastern (God we can't remember the names). There is a very nice Northern Italian in the center of town, just off main and a couple of good Thai places. I hope your son loves Wesleyan as much as our son did.

                1. re: Passadumkeg

                  Thanks for the tip about Alumni/Parent House and for your good wishes. Is it owned by Wesleyan?

                  1. re: sherry f

                    Yes, right in front, almost, of the art dept., which is fun to walk around at night. Missing name: Mamauds!

              2. re: Enfielder

                Melilli's in Cromwell on 99 has awesome breakfasts. Their omelets are huge and tasty. Place is small, service is very down home, prices much better than O'Rourkes. Thai Phoon on Main St. in Middletown is very good. I like their Thai Red Snapper. They will also do it with a less expensive fish if you ask. They are very accomodating and support young artists from Wesleyan. Tuscany Grill is right off Main St. and has exceptional service, and excellent food. First and Last is a Wesleyan staple. Pizza and Italian. Stop in at Public Market on Main St. if you want a quick to go lunch. They make sandwiches and also have precooked foods you won't find going through a drive through. Sangwiches just opened up on Main St. I have had their breakfast sandwich there - 2 eggs, cheese, bacon on a hard roll. Tasty and cheap.
                Hope this helps. Enjoy the trip.

                1. re: sallyct

                  Thanks for the recs. We did eat at a Thai place on the west side of Main St. when we went to visit Wesleyan. Unfortunately, I don't recall the name of the restaurant, but it was a well lit, somewhat squarish room and the food was great. I also had a great cup of coffee at Kokliko (spelling) on a street off of Main and we grabbed a quick breakfast at Brew Bakers. I recall having a breakfast burrito there with veggies and goat cheese that was great, but really messy!