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Feb 9, 2008 05:52 PM

Dock Street Brewery Hours

I attempted to visit Dock Street Brewery on 50th & Baltimore twice on Sundays and both times they were closed. One time was at or near a holiday so I figured that I've give then another shot on another Sunday. And again they were closed. So I went to their website and discovered their hours:

M-T: 11-11
F: 11-12
S: 12-12
S: Closed

These hours are fairly uncommon for city bars (normal closing at 2 and open on Sundays). Do they have some type of weird liquor license?

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  1. I know that before they opened, they had a hard time convincing the community that they were going to be more than another nuisance bar, it's possible that the reduced hours were a concession they made to the community in order to open the place. That's just a guess though.

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      Yes closing on Sunday and not conflicting with the complaining church was almost certainly a concession to get the place going.

    2. The hours reflect Dock Street's status as a Brewery, rather than a bar.

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        Is there a difference between a "brewery" and a "brewpub"? Personally I'm aware of no other local brewpub that is closed on Sunday.

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          "Is there a difference between a "brewery" and a "brewpub"? "

          I believe the question you raised was "bar" vs. "brewery/brewpub". A Brewery has a liquor license by virtue of the fact that it produces alcohol, they only sell their own goods and state produced goods that they do not make. A bar may make, but also sells all types of alcohol both produced by them and produced by others. They have a more traditional liquor license where they may serve anyone's products.


          See also:

      2. I don't know about the hours, but I do know that they have great food and great beer.

        - Aruna

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          Can I just mention, husband and I were just there and you can get a "beer flight" for $7: ours was 6 small glasses of everything on tap plus a new beer that's probably just been released. I didn't love everything, but it's a fun way to try them all. The place has been quite hopping; seems like people are excited about having it there.

        2. i just stopped by the baltimore ave location for the first time and was a little disappointed. after being told seating was first come first serve-my boyfriend + i grabbed a table outside. and we waited. and waited. and waited. no one ever came to help us, even after making eye contact several times with 3 different waiters. so after 15min i walked inside, mentioned we were sitting outside waiting and asked if we could order a drink + get a menu. we ordered a drink from the bar, walked outside and drank it. not one single server came up to us the entire time-even though we were clearly reading the menu + in need of service. it looked kinda like a free for all - no assigned sections for the servers and they were just kinda walking around taking care of what ever table grabbed their attention first-seemed very disorderly. on the positive side-its such a great location + the food smelled great! after finishing our tasty beers and sitting outside for about 30min wo/service, we left hungry. i'd love to go back, but was wondering if anyone else had this experience? was it just an off night?

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            Wow, that's ridiculous! I was there not long after they opened and had almost the exact same experience. Pickings must be slim for good help out there if they're still having this problem.

            We walked in and there was no 'wait to be seated' sign, so we just asked the bartender what to do and she said 'oh, sit wherever you like'. So we did (the place was maybe 25% full), and we waited. And waited, about 15 minutes before finally giving up and sitting at the bar instead. I made eye contact a few times with at least two different employees during those 15 minutes, not one of them thought to come over and see if maybe we wanted something to eat or drink. When we sat down at the bar there was not a flicker of recognition in the bartender's eyes (a different bartender than the one we saw when we came in) that we had been sitting 10 feet away from him for the last 15 minutes. It was like we dropped out of the sky.

            We went back a couple weeks later and had a similar experience. The servers were way more interested in gossiping with each other rather than serving customers. At one point I ordered another beer, watched from afar as the bartender poured it and sat it within arm's reach of our server, and waited a good 6-8 minutes for him to finish his conversation with another server before he finally brought it over. And when he dropped it off there was, again, a total lack of recognition that anything was wrong with this picture.