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Feb 9, 2008 05:39 PM

Seven Restaurant/Lounge in Downtown Mpls?

Anyone tried Seven yet? We're thinking about going next week.

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  1. We went on Saturday and it was a little disappointing which was sad because I was really excited about it! The atmosphere was kind of cool but they had plasma tvs everywhere playing ESPN which didn't seem to fit with the hipster too cool for school vibe they were going for - seemed odd. I do like that it is up a level though. MSP doesn't have a ton of places that aren't ground level and it is just fun to have a little bit of a view.

    The food was a mixed bag. The appetizers we had were very good but the sushi wasn't great. We started with Salmon wrapped scallops which were excellent and very unique and the tofu appetizer which was also very good. We had three rolls. A number 9 roll, the white ninja roll (which when a read this on the menu I was ecstatic about because white tuna is my favorite!) and the special red dragon roll. The rolls were ok but I have had much better. The fish seemed fresh but the flavor was a little off. I can't put my finger on it. Service was good. We went early and even with the freezing temps it was getting packed by the time we left!

    Overall - it was ok. I don't think I would go back since there are better sushi places downtown.

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      Thanks for the info. Now that going out to eat is more difficult (with scheduling sitters, etc), we are always torn between trying something new or going "tried and true." We still may give it a shot...