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Feb 9, 2008 05:33 PM

Restaurant Laurie Raphael

Anyone know anything about it?

I was talking to a client of mine about where I wanted to take my husband for his birthday dinner - in contention were Decca 77, Club Chasse et Peche and maybe Toque - but that is dead last on the list, she said forget about the others, you have to go Laurie Raphael.

I am loathe to admit that I haven't heard of it.

Chows- the ball is in your court.

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    1. Reviewed today by Lesley Chesterman in the Gazette. Gave it 2 stars.

      See review at

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      1. re: fedelst1

        Well, that's a coincidence. My client took her husband there for his birthday and just raved about it. We were now discussing where to take mine for his birthday and she pretty much knocked all my other choices out of contention (well, in her mind anyways)- my options were CPP, Decca 77 and one more I can't for the the life of me remember now.

        I would love to hear from some Chows (other than Leslie) who have actually been there. If Leslie's review is accurate, then I am sure I will be put off by it, because the quality of the service is important to me - and can ruin a perfectly good evening.

        1. re: maisonbistro

          I had what was one of the worst meals of 2007 at Laurie Raphael. This seems to be the case, very variable, and so I don't know that I would recommend taking a chance on a special occasion.

          Have you considered the Sofitel? or Bronte?

          1. re: swissfoodie

            Thanks- that's all I needed to hear.

            LR - OUT!

            1. re: maisonbistro

              I don't agree with that at all. I was there last week and it was a great dinner! The restaurant is not the same as in Quebec city (where you can take the "degustation meal") but it was well executed, good choices of meal. I had the carpaccio of beef (with mushrooms and a sauce to die for), the duck confit lasagna with foie gras and the veal tartare which was incredible. Had the cannelé for dessert. I think Leslie made a bad review to piss off La Presse newspaper for which Laurie Raphael's chef, Daniel Vezina, often write for. Anyway, you should give a try.
              Btw, if you are not going to LR, I suggest Decca 77 which I believe is the best kept secret in town...

              1. re: mtl98

                Thanks- that's exactly what we are planning on doing. I don't want to take a chance - my hubby deserves a nice dinner out (NOT because he doesn't get fabulous dinners in, mind you LOL) and I don't want to take a chance on something that seems to be hit or miss.

                1. re: mtl98

                  I would never write a review to "piss off" La Presse, and proof of that is that I always gave his Quebec City restaurant very positive write-ups. I just think this place needs work, the food needs updating, and, as stated in the review, it needs Vezina on site, for at least the first few months of operations, to work the room.

        2. I took my girlfriend there for her 30th birthday and we had a fantastic meal. I had the chef chef meal and she had the 3 course meal. Excellent food, great presentations, however, the best part of the whole experience were the employees. They were all fantastic to us, from the coat check girl, the waiter, the sommelier, and the dessert person. A super night out, we stayed there for 5 hours, we had a really nice table as I had made reservations before. The walk back up to the Chateau Frontenac and past was a funny one at 1 am full of alcohol and food, plus it was about -20 out as it was January 31, 2007 when this took place. It was one of the most complete meals I have ever had. I am pretty sure that Vezina prepared and made our meals, that could be the difference between our meal and some people on here that haven't enjoyed it as much. The sugar cotton candy was simply incredible

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          1. re: baronschoice

            Hiya, since you mention Chateau Frontenac, I assume you're talking about the Laurie Raphael resto in Quebec City - just to clarify for future readers, this thread is mainly about the branch in Montreal, which has had mixed reviews. But glad you had a great time up in Qc. City. :-)