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Feb 9, 2008 04:37 PM

Your Favorite Ethnic Gems off the beaten path?

Some friends and I are looking to spend a night trying any and all ethnic gems in the Southland. I'd love recs on ethnic eats that are off the beaten path: Uzbekistanian, Salvadorian, Burmese etc. We've covered Thai, Japanese, Regional Mexican alraedy so anything out of the ordinary and delicious would eb of great help. Happy eating!

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  1. You should definitely put Uzbekistan in Hollywood on your list!

    1. Didn't see Ethiopian here -- so will put forward Rahel's -- great vegetarian Ethiopian restaurant on Fairfax. Two other omnivorous Ethiopians also on Fairfax -- also good but maybe not quite as -- Nayala and Mesob.

      Korean also great here -- Beverly Soon Tofu is a great little hole in the wall specializing in tofu stew. Yungsusan has a really interesting epic fifty course meal of dynastic Northern Korean food

      1. YongSuSan (LA) or Gae Sung (Garden Grove) for North Korean.

        Golden Triangle (Whittier) for Burmese.

        Mi Rincon Salvadoreno (Van Nuys) for Salvadorean.

        Manila Good-Ha (Panorama City/Van Nuys) for Filipino BREAKFAST -- not lunch. Get a silog -- tapsilog (tapa, which is sweetened dried beef, plus garlic fried rice and fried eggs) or longsilog (same but with longanisa, which is sausage), or tosilog (tosino, which is cured pork).

        Canadian Cafe (Monrovia) or Cafe Casse Croute (Anaheim) for Canadian -- only the former has poutine, though.

        Lala's (WeHo, Studio City) or Carlitos Gardel (LA) for Argentinian... yum, beef.

        Fogo de Chao (BH) or Picanha (Burbank) for Brazilian BBQ.

        Las Quenas (North Hollywood) or Mario's (LA) for Peruvian -- get the ceviche with octopus at the former (trust me, trust me!!).

        La Maria (Burbank) for Colombian.

        La Kantuta (North Hollywood) for Bolivian.

        1. Get pupusas from Las Casuelas in Highland Park (LA). Very good and very cheap (about $2-$3 each).

          I know that I've driven by a Burmese place in Monterey Park, but I forgot the name of it, and I don't know if it's good. There is also a restaurant in that area that serves food from Macau.

          If you like Vietnamese food, there is a hole in the wall called Nem Nuong Kanh Hoa in Alhambra that I like very much. The food is good, fresh and very cheap.

          1. My favorite Salvadorian joint - pupusas, carne guisada, salpicon, pan con pavo - all good stuff
            El Buen Gusto
            (323) 953-9032
            3140 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039