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Feb 9, 2008 04:27 PM

Help Plan an NYC Foodie's DC Weekend

My girlfriend and I are coming to DC for President's Day weekend and want to mix in some high and low food experiences between visiting the Mall, going to galleries, etc.

We're staying at the Mayflower.

We were thinking lowbrow (but still spectacular) during the day, and highbrow at night. Who can help?

(Favorite NYC haunts include Babbo, Perry Street, Eleven Madison Park, Nook, inoteca, wd-50, and more like that. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.)


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  1. Low Brow: Ben's Chili Bowl

    High Brow: Proof, Komi, Rasika, Central

    Bar: Off the Record (ask if you can check out the view from the roof)

    Bring your own bagels from H&H...good bagels are hard to find in DC. The best are over the river in Arlington at Brooklyn Bagels.

    1. Hit the Lounge at Citronelle for dinner. No reservations necessary. Go for the mushroom cigars, tuna napoleon, soft shell crabs, and the vichyssoise.

      No true Lowbrow near the tourist sites. North of the Archives is Jaleo for Spanish tapas. Cod fritters, apples and manchego, patatas bravas, grilled asparagus, spinach with raisins, trumpet mushrooms are all great.

      1. Low Brow: There is Jimmy T's on East Capitol and Tune Inn (they do right by scrapple) on Penn SE both walking distance from the Capitol, Library of Congress, Supreme Court.

        Port of Piraeus sells H+H, but not lox (WTF???) in a pinch cream cheese and a little taramasalata will do I suppose.

        sadly we've gradually been losing our low-brow divey places over the years. but if by low-brow you just mean "not swank" there's still plenty around just mostly not downtown. check the Chinatown thread.

        1. Makoto in Georgetown. The in house wasabi is worth the price of admission alone.

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            tons of great places in G'Town around M and Wisconsin - some dumps too.... have heard good about Makoto.

          2. I had a couple of decent meals at the Luna Grill near Dupont Circle.


            Good Breakfast. Good Burgers. Localish scene. Great Margaritas.