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Feb 9, 2008 04:17 PM

Sunday Lunch or Brunch in Philadelphia

We're driving up from Baltimore to meet friends in Philadelphia tomorrow for lunch or brunch. Recommendations? Could be anywhere in the city. Thanks.

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  1. my fave brunch in the city is at north third in northern liberties... love the french toast and omelettes! it's reasonably priced, and it's a nice dark casual pub.

    any spots in the city you'll be visiting in particular? otherwise you're bound to get a million varying answers.

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    1. If it's not too late, the best Brunch in the city has to be the 4 Seasons Hotel, expensive at $50 per person but by far worth it.....

      1. I'm interested in this question as well since I'll be in Philadelphia next weekend and I've realized that few places are open for lunch on Sundays. :( I came across Hot Potato Cafe in some searches but their brunch menu isn't online so I have no idea if their Sunday brunch menu is comparable to their lunch menu...

        Anything near University City or just around center city? And preferably less than $20 per person (considerably less would be nice :P)... thank you!

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            Beau Monde at 6th and Bainbridge - Queen Village, not University City but easy to get to and usually street parking. They have both Brunch and their full menu for Sat/Sun

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              In University City I would suggest White Dog Cafe... you can get away from under 20 there if you a) dont order dessert, and ) limit alcohol consumption.

            2. I think the brunch at Lacroix is spectacular. That's our Valentine's present to each other.

              1. Sabrina's Cafe at 9th and Christian
                Something for everyone- excellent food- no disappointments