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Feb 9, 2008 04:16 PM

Best L.A. area liquor prices?

I know where to go for good deals on wine, but most of those same places seem to have rather high prices on liquor/spirits. Are there any retailers in L.A. who can actually beat BevMo's prices? Or is that the only cost-saving option?

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    A place I lovingly refer to as The Bunker (when you see it you'll know why), and is also known as Malt Disney. Excellent selection of whisk(e)ys, outstanding prices, and surly service until they get to know ya!

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    1. re: Joe Blowe

      Heartily agree with Wine and Liquor Depot. Amazing selection and great prices, a rare combination.

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        I agree, they do have the best prices and selection of all liquor, compared to anything, including Costco. I can't think of any reason to go anywhere else, except maybe for wine. They also have an excellent selection of Kosher liquor, too.

      2. There's a place on Glendale Boulevard at Maple with a name so perfect that I had to go in: "Hammered". Truly astonishing prices - fifths of Gin and Vodka for $3. If you want deals this is the place. On the other hand if you want GOOD liquor, try Topline - great wine prices and also good liquor prices.

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          Gotta admit, it is good liquor that I'm looking for, particularly tequila, and maybe scotch too. Topline is my favorite wine shop. Selection is great and prices can't be beat. But the savings don't extend to the spirits, I'm afraid. BevMo seems to have them beat there.

          There are several places online who offer better prices than BevMo, but once you factor in the cost of shipping (and inconvenience) it's a wash. But...if I could find one of those places nearby, where I could drive and pick it up for less, I'd be a happy camper.

          1. re: wutzizname

            Topline has the best prices overall although you may find better prices at Costco or Trader Joe's on rare occasions. However, that only applies to high production wines. Topline sources some hard to find gems at hard to beat prices. All things considered, my favorite wine shop but I buy from all over the place (i.e., direct from wineries, Wing Hop Fung, Costco, Cost Plus, TJs, Winehouse, Wally's) depending on what I'm looking for and the price.

            1. re: pinotzin

              I also buy from most of the big places in LA Co., but also from several OC places (esp Wine Exchange) and online. Topline and the similar LA Wine Company in the Marina simply cannot be beat for price. The beauty of Topline is their humility. They simply get the best buys they can find on top rated wines from the Advocate, Spectator and other third parties. There is little of the usual visitation of their taste on your pocketbook. To me this is the ideal place.

        2. Maybe Costco or Smart & Final?

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            Costco has decent prices, but Smart and Final does not. Very consistently over-prices if you look. Also, they have stopped providing boxes for wine, so it's very hard to buy more than a couple bottles there. Very stupid move. Of course, I had to find that out with an entire cart full of wine that I gave up on because I couldn't get it to the car. The idiots there wanted to put each bottle in a separate plastic bag. I just walked out shaking my head and laughing at how silly that was.

          2. If in the Long Beach area Vin de Pays at 252 Elm in downtown has beaucoup wines for under $15 and a fair selection of beers as well.

            1. Super A supermarket. Not a huge selection of wines, but if you are in a hurry and need a quick host/hostess gift, they specialize in those pre-packed liqueur and spirits sets. Either with signature glassware, or other commemorative stuff. The Montebello store has the best selection and the prices can't be beat. Besides, Costco closes too early.

              Super A Foods
              2924 W Beverly Blvd, Montebello, CA

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