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Feb 9, 2008 03:55 PM

After school snacks?

I am in the 6 grade and whenever I come home I want to make a snack but don't know what to make! Do you have any suggestions for the perfect quick afterschool snack?

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  1. How about sliced apples and peanut butter? Assuming you don't have a peanut allergy, of course. Or cheeze and crackers....some of last night's leftovers? Fresh fruit like bananas are filling and tasty. Especially, mashed bananas with peanut butter and graham crackers. Do you like celery, carrots, and green or red peppers? Sometimes breakfast foods make a good snack. Learn to use the microwave and make popcorn.

    Good for you for wanting to make your own snacks. It's never too early to learn to make your own healthy and tasty food. Good luck and report back to tell us what snacks you decided on and liked. By the way - I love that you're interested in this!!
    But, I wonder when it is you drink your fave drink, Cab Franc.

    1. - peanut butter on celery sticks

      - peanut butter on apple slices

      - Peanut butter on banana -- or nutella on banana if you're being less healthy

      - mini peanut butter and Shreddies sandwiches-- or peanut butter and banana on Wheatabix sandwich

      Nachos -- grated cheese, chopped tomatoes (and chopped hot peppers if you like hot) over tortilla chips popped under the broiler on the oven for 5 mins or so until they melt (make sure to keep an eye so you don't burn)

      - corn out of can or frozen heated on stove-op drizzled with vinegar, salt, pepper

      - iceberg lettuce dipped in vinegar

      - carrots, celery, sweet peppers with blue cheese dressing (or dressing of choice) for dipping

      - popcorn with lemon or lime squeezed over and salt and chili powder.

      - guacamole (mash up an avocado with a teaspoon or so lime juice and a dash of salt) Spread on a tortilla you've warmed up in a pan over high heat for 10 seconds a side.

      - sweet pickle slices with sharp cheddar cheese slices on top

      - Deviled eggs -- put egg in pot of water, bring up to a boil then turn temp down and let egg simmer for 10 minutes. Take egg out and put in ice water. Peel. Cute egg in half. Take out yoke and mash up with a bit of mayo, mustard, pinch of sugar, salt, pepper. Put yoke back in egg. Sprinkle w/paprika is you feel fancy. Also you can mix in cut up pickles with cooked yoke mixture for something a bit different.

      - sardines mixed with mustard and chopped celery on crackers

      - granola on yogurt or grapenuts on yogurt

      - plain yogurt mixed with a spoonful of marmalade (Greek yogurt is good for this as it's nice and creamy)

      - egg-drop soup. Boil up a cu or two of chicken broth and drop in an egg. Can flavor with soy sauce if you like and drop in some spinach leaves.

      - 1/2 cup or so brown beans doctored w/a bit of Worcestershire sauce if you like on buttered toast.

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        thnx! have no allergies so these r really helpful

      2. are in the 6th grade and you enjoy Bordeaux Blend???...........

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          1. How about smoothies with yogurt, fruit and a little juice? I recently saw a suggestion to freeze apple sauce and then blend it. I have also baked apples, frozen them (whole), and then blended them (not my idea). My kids love frozen fruit. I buy bags of frozen berries and they eat the fruit straight out of the freezer. My mom used to dip bananas in chocolate and freeze them. You might need a little help with a couple of these, but they're all things that could be done ahead on the weekend.

            By the way, if you snack on good, healthy unprocessed foods and watch the quantity that you eat, a snack after school won't hurt you, particularly if you get stuck eating lunch at 11:00 like some kids.

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              orange juice (or whatever juice you like) popsicles are also a good one -- orange juice poured into Popsicle molds -- or put in ice cube trays (cover trays w/saran wrap and poke toothpicks through into juice -- but toothpicks can get a bit wobbly)

              Fruit flavored yogurt popsicles are another yummy one.

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                bite bite, when I was a kid a neighbor lady made popcicles with oj concentrate mixed with plain yogurt. they were sour and tangy and good. she used dixie cups and wooden popcicle sticks and foil in the way you described using saran. I'd forgotten all about them until reading your post. Maybe I'll try them again.

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                  Mmm. That does sound good. Am tempted to try my hand myself.