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Feb 9, 2008 03:41 PM

Garbage Delight

Ugh. I fell for the oldest trick in the book tonight. I ordered from a prettified restaurant. Sushi Delight has existed on the Danforth for many years, and likely has many faithful followers - to those of you who count yourselves among them, I apologize in advance for any offense you may take to this posting. Sushi Delight recently overhauled their interior and I made a (bad) assumption that perhaps they were also going to pay a bit more attention to their food, too. The meal has ended up costing me dearly.

I ordered the udon noodle soup with tempura veggies and shrimp and a green dragon roll for delivery as I can't leave the house while the baby sleeps and we're alone. The food arrived fairly promptly (within their 45 min - 1 hr promise) and the soup and noodles were still warmish. However, there were far too many noodles for the amount of broth given and they were past that delicate stage of being cooked properly and falling apart from over boiling. They became pasty in the salty but otherwise flavourless broth, so I threw them out. The tempura had congealed to the consistency of oily, dried glue covering the barely cooked veg. and overcooked shrimp - all were ice cold. I took two bites and threw the rest away. The green dragon roll fell apart and the avocado that it was meant to be wrapped in disintegrated when touched by both my chopsticks and, in a second valiant attempt, my fingers. I threw it out. I had also ordered a spicy tuna roll and a BC roll for my husband which is sitting in my fridge. I'm scared I'll be arrested for attempted food poisoning if I give it to him later.

So. Now I have to plant half a forest of trees to soothe my aching conscience for all the packaging I've wasted and for the fuel expended in the preparation of said 'food' and its delivery. I will have to sponsor a hungry child somewhere because I hate throwing out food, but I really couldn't stomach it. I will also have to pay bail to get my butt out of jail for serving my husband this stuff, not to mention the future legal fees for the poisoning charge. It has ended up a very expensive non-meal. To top it all off - I AM STILL HUNGRY!!!

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  1. Poor, cchrish! Upon reading your post -- simultaneously heart-breaking and hilarious --, I didn't know whether I should cry or laugh. The food there at SD is pretty bad even when it isn't delivered. And yet, they obviously do well enough to afford re-doing the decor. Such a mystery...

    In fact, most so-called "sushi" restos on the Danforth are terrible. To avoid these kinds of places, I ask my Japanese-born-and-raised friends where they go. Although it is no where near the calibre of Omi, Hiro, Zen, Kaji or Sushi Marche, there is one authentic place on the Danforth which few know about -- except for the Japanese: It's called Sakawaya Japanese Bistro at 867 Danforth. The bistro is TINY and farther east (of Jones) but it is owned and managed by a Japanese chef. We order from them when we crave Japanese fare but don't want to spend too much. The problem is, I don't think they deliver. (Sorry, I guess this doesn't help you.)

    At any rate, I feel your pain! (Especially, the part about the excessive use of styrofoam packaging -- ugh.)

    Hope your hubby is okay... If not, you could always sue SD to pay for your legal fees... ;-)

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      Next time go to Ashji Sai on Danforth, just west of Donlands.

      1. re: millygirl

        Second that, great food and service.

      2. re: DishyDiva

        I second Sakawaya. And not just for sushi, has a terrific selection of hot izakaya-style appetizers.