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Feb 9, 2008 03:17 PM

Interesting, great restaurants in Seattle - new or otherwise

My husband and I visit Seattle a few times a year and it's always the same - we go to the places we love and don't try anything new. I love new places, but he thinks of them as expensive risks.

We love Metropolitan Grill for prime steak, no doubt, but I'm getting tired of Chateaubriand (okay, maybe that's a lie - who would tire of that luscious steak they serve) and want to try something new.

We really have higher end culinary tastes, so when you recommend, try to recommend GREAT food.

We did once go to a place in West Seattle with friends - across from the beach - a little intimate Italian place with about 10 tables... and forgot the name. Would love to have someone tell me what that is called.

Anyone remember an Italian restaurant in the University area... I think it might have been Moretti's, but not sure. It was casual, but right next door, the chef opened a finer dining spot. This was around 1990 or so.

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  1. the place in W Seattle was probably La Rustica
    here's one thread to get you started (scroll down in that thread for more recent opinions)

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      nothing wrong with Met Grill, it is still in business after all. but yes, there are a lot of great new things happening in seattle.
      the top nominees these days are Mistral, Lark, Union and Crush. Sitka and Spruce has an amazing chef, but dining is communal, no reservations and quite the wait, unless you turn up hungry right at 5 pm. Really fantastic food, but if you want a more intimate upscale evening, you should be aware of these things.

      Do a topic search for top 10 of 2007 on this board and you will see a lot of great choices.

    2. I resisted Cafe Juanita for years because I am a true-blue Seattlite and never ventured to the east side of Lake Washington. But if you want to eat at the more interesting, great restaurant in King County, you should go to Cafe Juanita in Kirkland. It is a cut above anything in Seattle. I used to eat at The Met all the time because I worked near there and often had business lunches and dinners there. It is good but Cafe Juanita is paradise.

      1. I went to Vertigo Lounge and Grill in Bellevue tonight. Totally recommend this new place. It's chic with incredible service, exquisite jazz that you could hear from the lounge and outstanding dishes. My friends and I were so impressed. There is no signage from the street so you have to be in know to find it!